Kanye West-Rebel and Pop Culture Icon

I don’t care for celebrity gossip but this clip between Kanye and his wife is really interesting. Kanye has been a pop culture leader for my generation for a long time. He is creative and is always trying something new in music, fashion, trends. His shoe line continues to be one of the most popular even at 300+ a pair.

He has recently gone through a spiritual change towards Christianity and it’s kind of funny to see how returning to traditional values is now basically the most rebellious thing in today’s materialistic and highly sexualized culture.

I’m sure some people might say he’s trying to control his wife. But to me, he is saying it impacts the relationship of his family with kids putting his wife on a sexual pedestal.


I can’t see how that’s what you’re taking out of it. Out of nowhere he makes this change, and she’s supposed to just tag along lamely behind. Good for her for sticking up for what she wants. I will agree it’s pretty funny though!

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No I agree, she also makes a great point that she may not be where he is on his own journey. And it’s something they need to work out as a family.

Here’s kind of what I mean. Growing up, a girl like Kim Kardashian was the ultimate woman. Every girl wanted to be like her and every guy wanted her. Now every girl tries to copy her and be like her and be rebellious. So it’s now the rebellious thing is to not be like her .

I can easily accept that, I’m just not so sure what’s going on with Kanye here. I get the feeling he’s more concerned about the cosmetic angle of it, maybe with some new friends? Or it’s even just some kind of act? It’s hard to tell. If he’s really serious and cognizant about the change, he’s handling it in a weird way.

This has been What people have been saying about Kanye his entire career :joy:

This was probably a conversation he should have had in private though. I just thought it was funny since Kanye has always bragged about and shown off Kim in his music and public life. Just a very strange change for him all of the sudden.

Yeah, I can’t say I’ve been following either of them closely.