Kao-hsiung to Laoag

Does anyone know anything about FAT (Far Eastern Air Transport) flights to Laoag? The city of Laoag is at the northern end of Luzon, several hundred kilometers closer to Taiwan than Manila. The Kao-hsiung-Laoag flight takes an hour and runs three times a week.

Originally, I was looking at CKS-Manila for NT$8,500 with Cathay Pacific but scrapped the idea after I found out it was via Hong Kong.

I didn’t know that flight was still running. As I remember, it was actually less than an hour- like 50 minutes or something.

There’s not much to do in Laoag, but you can go hang out at the Resort Hotel there, which has a Casino and used to be a Spanish Fort. I can say the name but there is no way I can spell it.

Where did you find the flight information? I had asked a couple of different travel agencies a few years ago, and nobody seemed to know much about it (I first went in '95). I assume they still do the tour packages with hotel and food included- might not be a bad way to go.

The airline told me that they only fly chartered flights for groups, so it seems it’s not an option for independent travelers looking for a quick way to get to the Philippines from the south. Major bummer!!

yes, it is a charter flight. there is gambling in laoag and the casino pretty much caters to taiwanese. if you go, you must come back in two days.

laoag was a pretty grim place. very chinesey, not in a good way. the sinking bell tower is a waste. i really liked vigan and batanes up that way.