Kaohsiung bird park or large aviary

We have two hand-reared love birds. We got one when we arrived in Taiwan and got a second to keep it company.

Now I know someone is going to chastise me for getting pets we couldn’t take care of, but this is not the case. I’ve had hand-reared birds before, unfortunately this species for some or other reason has not taken to hand-rearing and though tame, are quite vicious and not pleasant to keep as pets. We got a large cage for them, but they don’t seem happy in the flat and I can’t take them out as they destroy everything first chance they get.

I have the option of shipping them back to my home country to friends that have a large aviary, but this will be very expensive and possibly dangerous for the birds.

Ultimately I’d like to give them to a bird-park or aviary where they have a large area and others of their kind. I’d be willing to pay for them to be taken if I know they will be taken care of.

Anyone know of a place that might take them?