Kaohsiung Bookstore, visitors shop in the dark

Do they have seats and chairs and tables to have a sit?

“entrance of Wuguan is decorated as a traditional Chinese mourning hall. It’s a metaphor for visitors to let go of the images and judgments that have held them back.”


Kaohsiung’s Pier-2 Art Center

80343, Kaohsiung City, Yancheng District, Dayi Street, 2-1號C7-6倉庫

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Great! When @tango42 heads to this book store, a topic can be opened about every book he reads there :stuck_out_tongue:

And All topics will be saved.


Anyone in Kaohsiung or read books or checkout places or am is are a visitor or tried it?

Hello is anyone out there?

On this international list.

Planning on visiting this week. It seems nobody has given a report yet, so I’ll report back my experience.