Kaohsiung burger wars

I can’t remember if it was good, or how many I had. I remember having a few meals with the monks and only stayed there a few days. Langmusi, used to be a magical place but now who knows? Probably there’s a McDonalds there now

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“I’ll have the McYak burger combo, for here.”



Burger Patty, one beer and vegi burger, good


Where was that?

Burger Patty is the name of the place


Oh haha, I though it was 1 meat and one veggie :innocent:

This is my list, how about yours?

Reigning champ
Webberger: Every time I go there, I have a great burger and experience.


Foodie Small Cafe… to try…

Update: Dain Dain… Looking at the online menu, looks like I won’t enjoy the combos (corn soup or ‘meat’ soup), and they don’t use breast, so I’m just gonna skip it

Update: Fabao… went for the 4th or 5th time. Burger, fries, service is consistently good. But the locations suck, and last time was worse than usual. The decrepit Lotus Pond location seems more destitute, now there are dead or dying plants around. Why not plant something that repels mosquitoes, like lemongrass? Actually I think what they planted attracts mosquitoes, because they were way worse this time. Best part was some nearby resident, who fell off her bike, commenced to shouting to nobody, took a piss right there from the stress of it all, then went a few metres further to home where she commenced to throw around her recycling and continue shouting. As a rule, I don’t want to eat in an open air toilet. So, I won’t be going back.

Coulda been a contenders (alphabetical, reviews upthread; everyone has a bad day so try them yourself and let us know here what you think!)

Arkansas Diner
Bottoms Up
Burger Patty
Burger the Goat
Damn Good Burger
Foster Hewitt’s
Good Rolling
Lovss Burger
MMB (Hanshin)
Monster Burger
Murk Bar
Sizzling Burger
Smokey Joes
Tec Burger
TGI Fridays
The Freen Burger
The Lighthouse
The Plus Star

Honorable mention
Yaletown: Try the smoked meat sandwich, wow
Mon Poulet: The chicken burger was fantastic
Lighthouse: Chicken bacon cheeseburger, yes

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The main reason I recommended it was because they use thigh. I usually just order it by itself and skip the combo.

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Incorrect. The US is the only place that calls burgers, sandwiches.

I don’t know what to say to you except maybe travel more. The world is not the US.

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You’ll then be missing out on the joy of discovering those little bits of gristle from the end of the leg muscles in the middle of your burger, but your loss I suppose. :nauseated_face:

I’m with you guys on preference for white meat. But they aren’t right about the browns ha ung superior taste. And with Taiwan liking chewy bony things, it’s not an issue. I would prefer breast as a solid meat of quantity, but for soup. Brown meat and bones are where it’s at! Chicken breast stock gonna suck…

Yeah, use the worst bits to flavor water, then throw it away.

Curious. If the brown meat has the hard bits around the bones removed. Do you still not like those peices? The meat (muscle portions) are still excellent. Lets be honest. Even KFC styled fried chicken (yuck, but successful) puts more effort into just raw breast meat. Hence why they leave some bones in :wink: When we started cooperating with them, they really need to find chemicals to tenderize the meat. They go as far back as the source of the breeding of the varieties of chickens. A juicy breast is key, but it is naturally more dry. Hence everything

I get the not wanting icky bits. I am literally equally picky. I also get gag reflexes on soft skins, collagen, hard tendons etc. It’s weird because it isn’t logical, but it is what it is. The chew is “wrong”. the reality on brown vs white meat is also well known, at least with fowl. We need that for yummy meat.

Maybe you and me are the only ones that can eat chicken breast so dry the wind blows it away. But the majority strongly disagree. And with their logic, I find it hard to make an argument against their claims. :innocent:

Also for us, conveniently in Taiwan, the shirty white meat is way cheaper than the yummiest brown meats. Polar opposite as what I remember in Canada when I lived there. Cheap(er) breast meat is fantastic here to avoid heavy oily food!

Yeah, thighs were cheap back home

I find dark meat is typically slimy

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I grew up the same. I ha e seen the light, however :hugs:

As Canadians, we were lied to. It’s hard to admit. But I have to. Fact is fact. Even if I still don’t like it.

I ain’t even gonna mention Brussel sprouts and other absurd Canadian BS brainwashed for our generation.

Even when I do eat chicken, I pick out the harder bits, skin etc. Cause I’m a prissy bitch. Best to just admit it. But that brown meat tastes sooooooooo much better. I don’t like heavy and oily, so I still revert to breast. But most people like heavier foods over lean foods. The price for raw meat kinda saws it all!

I love them

Me too, now. Took moving to Taiwan. Back in Canada I often chose to go to bed hungry over eating that crap. I assume restaraunts now are all on course. But dang, they were terrible before. Taiwans are next level :slight_smile:

still farty though. Not my favorite.

To say the restaurants here are “farty” is a gaseous description when a solid would be more accurate…

Nono. Brussel sprouts. I am complaining about many Brassicas being farty (scented/taste) not about the many shops being dirty hahaha :joy: both are true.