Kaohsiung government prohibits leaving residence during 7-day self-management period?

Hello everyone. I received an email from my university informing me that I am to book 22 days of quarantine (instead of the standard) because the Kaohsiung City government requires in-coming students to be isolated even for the 7-day self-management period.

I tried searching for the press release on this matter online, both in Mandarin and English, but could not find anything. Does anyone know anything about this?

Thank you!

tldr; yes, this is legit

Hi, I’m going to a job at a university in Kaohsiung and there is a secretary there helping me with quarantine hotel reservations. A few days ago she contacted me to say there has been a change in Kaohsiung and that I would have to stay in the hotel for three weeks (21 days I thought, if it is 22 cha bu duo). Probably they found people were leaving hotels with nowhere to go, so for foreign students and teachers this makes sense.

For me, 3 weeks in two different rooms or 3 weeks in one room is basically the same, but I don’t have to pay for the taxi switching rooms. I hope the room doesn’t suck, though!

You have to book the hotel for 15 nights for home quarantine because the 14-day quarantine officially starts at midnight after your arrival. So 15+7 is 22.

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Can a local government make a rule that supersedes one set by the central government? Certainly a question for the courts about residual powers. You should also ask to see the order from the city government; it’s probably not legally binding and just a request.

If you haven’t paid for the hotel yet, just book a hotel that’s not in Kaoshuing. I’ve done quarantine twice: after 14 days you are free to leave your residence with some exceptions.

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Yeah that doesn’t make sense I agree. If the government says you are allowed to go free with restrictions after the 14 days I can’t see why the city can override that. But I find government agencies love making up regulations that are not actually mandatory. Likely some pressure was put on the school and so as not to make waves everyone just goes along with it.

To be sure I’d call the information for foreigners line and ask them who to clarify this with. They are quite helpful.

Thanks for confirming that it isn’t just my school. Though, like the other responders, I wonder if this is actually backed by the Taiwanese government and the Taiwanese CDC. And I also wonder if the Kaohsiung City government is going to pay for, or at least subsidise, the additional demand that they are making. Nonetheless, thank you!

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Thank you for replying. Yes, I share the same concerns as you. Why should there be double standards for people of the same background serving quarantine in different cities?

I will definitely find out if I can serve my quarantine in a different city. Thanks!

Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely call the information hotline for foreigners to clarify.

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Obviously, this doesn’t make any sense. Consistency is key in these things; if you actually had to quarantine for 21 days it would be a universal requirement across the country otherwise there would be an extreme risk for community transmission.

this is a tad bit unrelated, but how were you able to find a quarantine hotel in Kaohsiung? Is there a list somewhere that I’m unaware of? lol I’m struggling to find any info for Kaohsiung :exploding_head: also if there’s another existing thread with this info, please redirect me, I’m a tad new to the forum hehe

@Tando is pretty awesome for knowing the government-related stuff. All hail Tando :notworthy:

For me, my employer arranged the hotel.


From 109 學年度第二學期第 1 次因應新冠肺炎防疫應變會議摘要紀錄 of NKNU

高雄市政府嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎流行疫情指揮中心 110 年 3 月 12 日高市府肺指字第 11032096000 號函

該函文內容「本(110)年 3 月 8 日上午 10 時止,高雄市 COVID-19 確診 147 例,其
中境外移入 130 例、敦睦艦隊 17 例,無本土病例,統計 2 月 1 日~3 月 8 日期間,
全國新增境外移入確診 65 例,其中 29 例於自主健康管理期間確診,顯見自主健康
避免防疫破口,居家檢疫 14 天請務必安排住防疫旅館,並儘可能安排學生自主健康
管理 7 天續住防疫旅館。自主健康管理期間因故無法住防疫旅館者,請學校妥善安


To @Char_r

In the site, “3 目前願意公布之防疫旅宿名單” is the list of each city.

Kaohsiung is 高雄市.


Thanks @Tando, you’re the best!

@tando omg thanks!!

I stayed here for my quarantine and it was affordable. (There are two paris hotels in in kaohsiung, but this is thr one in xin xin district) 巴黎商旅 - Paris Hotel

My dad was in quarantine for the following place. They are not on the official government list as they don’t want the public stigma of being a quarantine hotel. https://maps.app.goo.gl/7yDeR4rHVtaxe6236

To me it sounded sketch, but the CDC was fine with it. You can call the kaohsiung city government to verify. The phone number is on the city government website.

I would also call to get the rate and reservations. It can be as much as 10K NT cheaper reserving over the phone.

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Wow this is super helpful, thank you so much! I’ll definitely be calling the city gov :grin:

I am sorry for the late reply. But I see that some people have given you very good advice.

The website provided by tando contains the official list of quarantine hotels. If you are still worried about it, you can outrightly ask the hotel when you contact them, whether they are a government-approved quarantine hotel.

If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, here are some questions that I asked them before I book the room. They are for reference only, because you may not have the same concerns as I do.

(1) What is the size of the room.
(2) If the room has external windows that can be opened.
(3) If they provide a change of towels and beddings after one week.
(4) If they provide laundry stuff for me to wash my clothes, like detergent, hangers or racks, bucket, etc.
(5) If the room has electrical appliances such as a fridge, a hair dryer, an electric kettle, and an iron.
(6) If they provide a thermometer, or do I have to prepare one for myself.
(7) If they provide mineral water, and if so, how much.
(8) If they allow me to order food delivery, in addition to the meals provided.
(9) How fast and stable is the internet.
(10) Is there a proper workstation (desk and chair).

I also recommend that you google for some photos and reviews of the hotels you are thinking of booking. It will give you one additional perspective on how comfortable your stay there might be.

All the best!


this is absolutely amazing, thank you!!

it is a notice from Kaohsiung Gov, maybe.