Kaohsiung Mother Gives Child Creative Haircut to Prevent Said Child from Leaving House in Pandemic

I’m sure this youngster will not be talking to his mother once he’s left the nest.

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Thats hillarious. but its obviously done intentionally for likes online. That is literally child abuse otherwise.



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“the wrong thing for the right reasons”.

Did you see anywhere in my post that said child abuse cant be funny? Haircuts are funny. Bleeding, deaths, rapes etc are not funny. haircuts kind of are…

That kid is old enough to say no. if he doesnt, its kinda funny his mom makes him look like korea fish. Maybe ive been down south too long, but it is funny :slight_smile: The small shred of canadian still left within me realizes it is still child abuse.


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Ya i know. I agree. Completely. I am ashamed to say, as a random internet thing, i have to say it is still pretty funny. But wrong for sure.

Maybe John Cena is right. Taiwan can be more like a swamp or mountain holler or something.

I was just teasing, relax.

Kid got some free publicity. Maybe Korean Fish will do an event with him and call him his mini-Han.

The news compared him to George Contanza from Seinfeld, which is 20 year old reference. What???

Im saying this skiling and laughing, very much relaxed. Dont take my posts as anything but light and sarcastic. A smiley face to show my truth :slight_smile:

When I was a kid, the opposite to that was known as a “Basin Cut”. A bowl or similar was placed on the head and the hair below was cut - a sort of “Short Back and Sides”. There was a Taiwanese TV man on an afternoon show a few years ago that sported such a haircut, which for most would keep them inside until growth had returned.

If I were the kid I’d shave the rest off too. Would make him look like a bad ass when he goes out.

But then he would get a stern talking to from his mom, and she would hide his cell phone in the rice bucket.

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Child abuse celebrated in this Taiwan Formosa News video.

  • Doesn’t this seem damaging to a child’s/teenagers self esteem, seem like parent does not care about child/teenager, among other things? The mom was laughing. In public.

  • Simple unaware parent’s mental and emotional child abuse.

And the news channel should be fined or sued for harassing a child, making it seem haha funny.

WTF is wrong with these people…

No one at any level is thinking or representing the child’s interests.

I’m just stunned on so many levels.

Taiwan is at a new low.


I shal continue here. because i admit i find it funny as well. but also wrong. Readin your post i am also in total agreement that they cannot show pics of the kid. I agree, media could be sued over this. Funny is funny, but plastering this kids image all over the internet is a bit harsh.

Now the haha has worn off i can see your point. Totally a bitch move. Its wrong. But i wont lie, i did laugh at the headline. now im a bit angry.

Guilty as charged :frowning:

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I disagree with you here, @tango42.
It seems the kid keeps going out even in times like this, and after the mom asked the kid to stay home.
The kid didn’t listen to the mom. Didn’t listen to government advisory. Schools are suspended, so there’s no reason to go out. The hair will grow back in a couple of weeks, about the same time when the level 3 is expected to end.
It’s just a creative way the mom found to ground the kid for two weeks. It’s better than corporal punishment.

Quite the opposite. They are really trying to keep the kid safe until the pandemic is under control.

Safe from what, exactly? School is not the only reason a kid needs to go outside.

It sounds like his parents are probably one of his biggest risk factors for ruining his life.


If you can’t use your kids to get social media attention you desire, why even have kids?