Kaohsiung need Bay Leaves, oregano chickpeas

Been to the big wholesale food stores and supermarkets in Pingtung County. Can’t seem to find Dried Bay Leaves and Oregano. These stored did have them a couple of years ago before we were ready to cook. Now, BAM! Can’t find them.

I’m willing to travel an hour into the city if I can be sure of finding them. Please help.
I’d also like to try my hand at finding Chickpeas for some Humus and falafal. Any places to buy them or a good restaurant where I can just get some already made? Thanks.

You can find all three on the corner of Boai Road and Tzenghzi Road in the north of Kaohsiung. They also have a branch near ChengChing Road, in Fengshan.

Thanks but Tzenghi Road doesn’t exist on any map and any combination of Pinyin searches I used turned up nothing. Please give me corect Pinyin or the Chinese Characters. Better yet, the Chinese name of the shop and a google map place mark. Thanks.

Tzenghtz(?) road runs parallel to Dajhong Road/Freeway only two blocks south. This is very close to the freeway exit coming from Pingdong. Head toward Tzuoying on the freeway and take the Boai Road exit. Hang a left (south) on Boai and the store is only two blocks down on the left. It’s very big and impossible to miss. It’s directly across from Tzuoying Junior High School. I don’t have the Chinese name of the store, but I have the phone number. Call them find out the exact address if you need to. 07-3702223

They have all kinds of goodies for cooking that you won’t find at Dollars, Carrefour or Costco.

Happy cooking. :slight_smile: