Kaohsiung Preschool/Kindergarten Questions

In your experience, for how many hours do young children typically attend preschool and kindergarten? What is a “normal” amount of time for kids to spend in a classroom in your own country, and what is considered “normal” in Taiwan?

My family is moving to Taiwan soon, and I was looking at I-Shou International School in Kaohsiung for my kids http://www.iskg.tw/ because I like the IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program http://www.ibo.org/pyp/) curriculum. I like that it’s academically rigorous while encouraging individual growth and inquiry. However, this school expects preschool and kindergarten kids to be at school for around 8+ hours/day for 5 days/week. That seems excessive to me, since it doesn’t really allow kids the freedom of being kids at a very young age. It seems like day care for two income families to put their kids into while mom & dad are at work, however daycare won’t be necessary for us since my wife won’t be working in Taiwan. Is that kind of schedule typical of preschools & kindergartens in Taiwan? Does anyone have any preschool/kindergarten recommendations for Kaohsiung? Thank you!

Hi, as a mum in kaohsiung, hope what I experience can bring you help.

Most of families in Taiwan are double-income family, esp. in southern Taiwan, work from 8-6, therefore, schools/kindergartens that provides 8 hours day-care in order to meet their needs, some are even requested by the parents. it’s kind of social custome and we all think this is quiet normal. Of course, if you wish to have your kid taking half-day lesson which is morning session only, you may ask the kindergarten to see if they have such an exception. But be aware that the tuition might not be a huge different from the whole-day.

I know the school you mention, that’s an international school which mostly enhance English more than Chinese and it locates outside of the town. If you are coming here to teach at that university,that school has kindergarten and all the way to university, it’s a good idea to enroll your kid at their school, however, if you will work in Kaohsiung downtown, I suggest looking for other schools in the town. The distence from that school to downtown is quiet far. There are various schools in town which can also meet your needs.

hope above description can bring you some ideas about the kindergartens in Kaohsiung. If I can be any of help, pls don’t hesitate to ask.


get there 6-8am, go home 3-4pm standard hours i have seen around pingdong and a few in kaohsiung.

I am not familiar with that school, but choose carefully. child abuse is pretty common in southern schools (even the gov ones), and you should make a point of discussing what you expect them to do and not do as discipline.