Kaohsiung promotional videos: Chen Chu v.s. Han Guoyu


Mayor Chen’s promotional video

Mayor Han’s promotional video


While my heart forever goes out to Pai Bing-Bing for what happened to her daughter and what PBB must’ve gone through, I still can never get to like her as any form of an entertainer. (Plus, she’s got those fat, short stubby fingers.)


They took scenes from te previous one, right?


My take on it is that the first one would have a broader (ie. international) appeal, while the second is definitely targeted towards Taiwanese. So, as a foreigner, I’m more drawn to the first one.

@hansioux what are your thoughts on them? Also, I wonder what other Taiwanese think.


It’s worth noting that Chen Chu’s promotional video has 2.2m views since 2014, and Han Guoyo’s video already has 62k views since yesterday.

The song itself is decent for a Nakasi styled Taigi song. It isn’t great, but bearable. The video itself is just pure low budget nonsense.

As Icon noted, many of the scenery shots were taken directly from Chen Chu’s 2014 video with some color adjustments added.

I don’t think Kaohsiung is suffering from a lack of local tourists. So I frankly have no clue why this video was made at all, other than to please his followers through out Taiwan.


Lol. KHites deserve this video.


What happened to her daughter?



Isn’t someone saying Taiwan used to be safe?


Shit. That’s rough…


You never miss an opportunity to score a point, do you?


That case was a good demonstration how the police back then was completely incompetent. After failing to capture the suspects, the police then went on an island-wide man-hunt. When they failed to find the suspects, the police tortured relatives of the suspects uninvolved in the case, including Chen Jinxing’s wife and her brother. The police stripped her naked and forced her to sit on a brick of ice while dumping ice water on her to force her to make up statements. His brother and brother in law were subjected to threats, beating, and electric shocks to force a confession, even though they were not involved in the case.

These tortures resulted in the wife and brother in law of Chen making up a bunch of false information just to avoid further torture, and led investigators down the wrong paths, wasting even more time.

The mayor of New Taipei City, Hou Youyi was the captain of Taipei City’s Criminal Investigation Corps, and he was responsible for the entire operation in Taipei.


Speaking of him. His son also died.


And now he’s running the show. It flabbergasts me how short of a memory people have.


Correct me if I’m wrong but Pai Bingbing wasn’t really such an innocent party anyway. The whole thing was a Coen Brother’s type gangster deal gone wrong with PBB owing millions to the mob.

There were some hilarious moments during the manhunt. In particular when the various police units involved got into a gun fight with each other in the middle of the day in downtown Taipei,


Holy shit yes :rofl:


Hou was also the one who led the charge of storming the office of Freedom Era Weekly magazine, causing TI advocate Cheng Nan-jung to resort to self-immolation to prevent capture. At the time Cheng had already willingly placed himself under house arrest for months to demonstrate that he wasn’t planning to escape.


I don’t know about others here, but self-immolation doesn’t score high points with me, including the Buddhist monks who do it every so often (Vietnam war, etc.) especially Cheng, who just had a TI political view. A waste of life. He’d be more valuable alive today for the TI movement instead of having committed suicide a very painful way.


Kaohsiung’s new tourist video found to have plagiarised the original flyover video.


Cheng felt that the leaders of Taiwanese independence movement need to show some determination, and that they are willing to sacrifice. He thought people need to learn from what Korean freedom fighters were doing at the time, and Taiwan could use a martyr or two.

I don’t think he would opt for it without the threat of being captured, but when the police are coming for you despite having done no wrongs according to the law, he thought it’s better to go out while making a point, instead of get tortured and executed without dignity.