Kaohsiung scooter free?


I have been deliberating whether I would prefer to live in Kaohsiung or Taichung. I am leaning towards Kaohsiung as of late because of Taichung’s lack of good public transportation. I am leary about a city where I would need to purchase and ride a scooter to get anywhere.

Those of you familiar with Kaohsiung…do you need a scooter to get around in the city? Is the new MRT good enough to get you where you need to go? Can anyone with a familiarity with both cities willing to do a comparison as far as western supermarkets, restaurants and other amenities?

I’m in Taichung. Western supermarkets, restaurants and other amenities are widely available. I’m not familiar with Kaohsiung, but as it’s bigger than Taichung it’s reasonable to assume the same is true there.

I got rid of my scooter. I get around town by bicycle. And if that won’t do a taxi ride across town is is under 200NT.

I appreciate the prompt response, doc. Nice to know you can get around by bicycle. I assume Taichung is relatively flat?

I hope to hear from some in Kaohsiung…

Not really. It’s in a basin, so no matter which direction you’re heading you’ll eventually end up going up an incline. The good news is the incline isn’t very steep until you get to either the mountains on one side or that big-assed escarpment on the other.

Kaohsiung/GaoXiong is also mostly quite flat. The second subway line should open in a couple of months. The bus system is rather pathetic. Physically I think the city is roughly about the same size as TaiChung/TaiZhong, maybe a little larger. Once the 2nd subway line is operating it will help you get to most of the things you might want to go to if you are not too fussy, but note maybe say half or more of the housing in the city will not be within walking distance of it and the subway closes rather early here. That said it is definately a lot better than no subway as per every other city other than Taipei/Taibei.

reading the title of this thread I thought:

  1. Someone in Kaohsiung wants to give away a scooter for free?
  2. The Kaohsiung government wants to establish scooter-free zones?

Yeah, I thought they were banning all scooters in Gaoxiong.

yeah mis-leading title.
Re: Taichung:
I live over the otherside of that “big assed escarpment” or whatever it was called above. It makes a nice challenge to get into town… I bike everywhere - it’s great exercise and bar it being too hot to go too fast too far in the middle of the day during summer, it’s great 'round 'ere.
Where ever you end up, get a bike and ride.
You’ll be happier, fitter, richer,…sweatier!