Kaohsiung Tourism

It’s a city that got folded into a county and then misleadingly name a “city.” Ditto with Tainan, Taichung, Taoyuan…


Strongly agree. It’s a great addition to Kaohsiung!


The Shinto Shrine in Qishan is pretty cool. I had no idea it was there. It’s really close to the Qishan Old Street too.


Whoah has that structured ever been sinicized! Wonder when it was refinished as a Confucius Temple?


The "new Penn’ for others FYI: The new version of New York City main rail hub which was awful before (KHH is working on their new station which like PENN was a dump before):

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Your talking about all of Canada or just Montréal. Besides Montréal I remember seeing any great looking stations (I did not see much outside Montréal and Vancouver but if there is something you can update me!)

I wouldn’t call LGA nice overall by any stretch. It’s still a journey into 1981 in a lot of parts of it, a lot of dumpy run down areas…LAX still has a long way to go too. It’s terminal by terminal.

Looks nice! Big step up from the old nightmarish concourse. But still not as great as the original.

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I do not also, as many locals also do not this station interesting. They is light show at 8pm which is nice but still many other nice things in the city to do and see.

On a side note was at Arkansas, and nearby (next to the North Costco) is the new Mall/Department store/ future Marriott which opened recently. Seems a big tourism draw for Taiwanese and Asians. We get Taipei visitors wanting to go to Hanshin since Taipei does not have it or Japanese visitors too!

All of Canada. Which isn’t much. But the new stations in Toronto were done all fancypants.

Well bettter than before.

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The new Kaoshuing station:

Kaoshuing old station (gone now):

Future in 2022-23 (under construction now):


That looks much better!

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Don’t forget… they’re getting rid of all the overpasses as the rail-lines go underground around the rail station and elswhere.

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I went through it a week ago. Still under massive construction, but the circular ceiling panels are installed and look nice.

But no HSR connection there. : (

It’s analogous to the high speed rail system by-passing Taipei Main Station.

Why, Kaohsiung, why?


I just consider Zuoying to be Kaohsiung’s Main Station.

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The MRT and TRA connect the two (10-15 minute ride). Yes a bit troublesome, but as of now the station area was not attractive to be at. To be honest it was/is area of some homeless and poor but seems the area will go upscale, not sure where the poor/homeless will go. (also my feeling, KHH has less homeless than richer cities but still some and worldwide problem that new buildings seem not to solve)

Nice yes, but I think Grand Central is still nicer (my photos from 2019 work trip and nice cafe in front hall of the station and flying into LGA)

those apartment complexes look like Soviet Russia, ha ha.

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