Kaohsiung Tourism

All underground now, some old photos I took the last month of the old station at street level tracks, and last the first month of the new roof

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haha, have take your word on that. (I have not been to Russia). So what looks better New York (Queens/BRKYN) or KHH??

I wouldn’t wanna take a winter in Queens/Brooklyn, nor even a few days in NYC during the best of COVID times. People who can are moving out.

Well no, I wouldn’t want to be in NYC during COVID obviously. And it’s very expensive to live there nowadays. But New York still has some of the best food in the world from all corners of the Earth and some awesome architecture to gaze up at. And the winters are really not that bad compared to cities in Canada or even a bit further up in New England.


It’s not like the KMT had the best feelings towards the Japanese when they first came here. :slight_smile:

Wikipedia says that temple dates back to 1985.

So late dictatorship era architecture?

It seems that just as these guys were losing outright political control, they insisted on foisting more faux sino architecture on this island, as if to insist through the built environment: Yes, this is China!


Yep. I think of Zuoying as the main station for getting in and out of town and Formosa Blvd as the main station for getting around town since it connects the two MRT lines. I always just thought of Kaohsiung Station as just another MRT stop, and since it has been under construction I think of it as one to be avoided if possible.

Yeah, I don’t understand that, either. I once met a woman in Kaohsiung who just HAD to make sure I had seen that wondrous sight. That was after I had walked right past it dozens of times over the years and never given it a second thought.

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Well its better, and should much better as time passes. The eyesore bridge is gone, roads on west side was open two weeks ago. Underground, new MRT platform, TRA now like a Metro station (there is more local services and new underground MRT like stations , six or more) . Some shops underground are open, more once the mall on top opens late next year. It will be interesting to see with all the new shopping, if any or the older places may close (I guess the High Speed rail mall will suffer when this opens, Hanshin is nearer the station but seems the most popular locally).

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Yes, great food! My Japanese co workers did like it there before (Almost all have gone back to Japan though) with all the food, It does seem a few businesses have shut and like my co workers have left, I do wonder and hope they can recover.

I am back in warm Kaoshuing today after a trip to the North and East of Taiwan for work, the Taipei weather was not good yesterday (dark and bit wet in some areas), I do like the weather here at this time of the year.

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Not sure how much say the city had. Only Taipei is in the so called Centre (not sure where is Central/Midtown though ) Tainan’s bullet train station is way worse (middle of vast farmlands). More new TRA Stations here

My starting point today Taitung

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More cafes

[The Best Art-Themed Cafes in Kaohsiung to Explore - Discovery (cathaypacific.com)]

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I’m finding this thread unusually informative. Are you guys SURE you don’t want to start talking about Taipei? :stuck_out_tongue:


Love that there’s more Kaohsiung content on forumosa in recent years. Keep it up folks! It’s great stuff.