🏙 Kaohsiung | Visiting Kaohsiung -- what to do?

Your colleagues must have visited the wrong side of the river.

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I’ve lived here since 2016. It’s improved a bit, but it’s still so-so. I am leaving Taiwan soon, but if I come back I’ll try and settle in Taipei.

If you do, don’t forget your umbrella! :umbrella:


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In fairness, despite the wildness (for a city) of kaohsiung past, at least my eyes only burn maybe 50 days a year rather than all year! It’s improved a lot. It used to be my absolute most hated place in Taiwan. Probably because I was always the driver and dealing with problems that arise. But it’s night and day now. I would argue it’s better than taipei today. Other than food. But I take more space over food. OK, pollution is way worse too. But it’s much better at least :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

In my experience, the weather in Taipei is much more agreeable. Whenever I visit Kaohsiung there is sun, alright, but never really blue skies, always this thin layer of haze that I suspect is pollution. Taipei is definitely rainier, but when the sun shines, it’s often true blue skies, which I prefer.

Well, do you visit during pollution season (winter)? It’s usually blue skies at other times, unless it’s raining.

I have been many times in different seasons. Maybe I am just unlucky with the weather. :laughing:

The fact that there is a pollution season to begin with also does not make Kaohsiung really appealing to me.

Winter is pollution season everywhere that’s downwind (southeast) from China. It’s just that the pollution doesn’t remain in Taipei because it’s in a basin, making the pollution blow right past it. That same basin traps heat and humidity though, so Kaohsiung doesn’t get as hot or humid as Taipei. Pick your poison, I guess?

Personally, pollution isn’t a problem if I don’t look up. Might be a problem for people with health issues though.

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Aren‘t there a lot of large industrial sites around the city too that emit all sorts of pollution? Probably not as bad as in the past, but still. I think Taoyuan is not as bad as Nanzih for example.

Not everything comes from China?

Yes, but not enough to be noticeable (as evident by the blue skies when it’s not Chinese pollution season).

Yeah, there’s a lot of nice days down here. There is local pollution, but mostly in the city center. Easy to get outta town where it is pretty obvious the buildings are cloaked in haze

How are the beaches on cijin like these days?