Kaohsiung's Ruifeng night market (biggest) status - closed forever or short term?

And controlled by the triads (mafia)

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Didn’t Shilin try this for part of their night market, and it ended up as a pretty grim, smoky bunker because it was in an enclosed building with most of the stalls on several basement floors (I only went once and that was enough).

Perhaps something more like the Singapore hawker centres would be a better design, though I guess they are more like food courts with a permanent roof plus tables and seating. They are relatively clean and also have the benefit of reusable plates, bowls and utensils, so a lot more environmentally friendly. But definitely the atmosphere is very different from Taiwanese night markets.

I think there’s a fairly new purpose-built night market at Xizhi, which seems to be in the arcade format. I’ve only seen on video, but perhaps it’s more in keeping with the Taiwan style.

I’ve tried to find the article. I guess the meaning was the difficulty because there are so many distributions already. Different labor groups in various sectors already are afforded funds so would this mean those already benefiting get benefits on top of benefits while for others this will be the only benefit.

I think this is where I got this “Before the report, Su Zhenchang accepted a question from the media and was asked about the general distribution of cash. He said that if 23 million people send 10,000 yuan each, it will cost more than 230 billion yuan; if one person sends 24,000 yuan, 1.6 million people will be rich. , But also more than 500 billion yuan, emphasizing that “our money is very limited.”” He said the money is very limited.

Translation doesn’t make any sense. Anyways, no money? :rofl:

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yes, I do hope most shops can stay in business maybe in a fixed store.