Karl Rove revealed

i just heard an interesting tidbit regarding Rove…rumour has it he is going to be “forced out of the closet” in the near future.

remember Jeff Gannon? he was the fake White House reporter planted by Bush/Rove in the press room to toss softball questions to Dubya.

remember that not long after it was revealed that he was involved in gay prostitution/websites?

there is chatter out there that Gannon was an “intimate” friend of Rove, who undoubtedly hatched that scheme…its got his m.o. all over it.

i can’t wait until this comes out in the mainstream media. i have absolutely NO problem with it, but i am sure the right-wing wacko’s (aka the base of the Bush machine) are going to freak.

once again, we will see that the republican party is driven by folks that are insanely hypocritical and in denial!

the House of Bush has got a “deviant” living under their roof…too bad Karl will never get to take part in their oh-so-precious “family values”.

I’m sorry, are we supposed to care? So what if Rove’s gay? BFW. Shit, Cheney’s daughter is real gay, that didn’t make any difference either.

gee…a rumor………