Karma lottery

I’m playing with the idea of organizing a karma lottery. :bulb: :smiling_imp:

A ticket will cost you 5 karma points to be deposited in my karma account. :shock:
Every week I will draw a winner. The winner will get 50% of the karma payed into my karma account that week. :wink:

40% will be deposited into the account of the “International Karma Fund” or short IKF. :unamused:

10% will be used to cover the lottery costs. :laughing:

The Ministery of Karma.

This is a brilliant idea.

I love it.


A lot.

I smell a rat. Did you get your lottery permit from one of your KMT buddies Nox?

Still working on the permit. Not easy to come by these days.

My business plan is almost finished, a must for my co-investors as they want a fool proof plan.

And … I’m still looking for suppliers of the tickets … hmmm. Maybe we should use some kind of e-ticket system.

For those who want to steal my idea, it’s already patented globally .

What is the patent number?

Working on that too! … euhhh

Well … it’s actually still patent pending.

That’s a patent lie!

Yes, yes, I know and you know but don’t tell anyone else.

I’m still looking for investors.
Minor share holder without voting rights: 50 karma points
Major share holder with voting rights: 100 karma points

To be deposited in the karma_lottery account.

Nox invested 100 karma points and is therefore acting chairman.

Now, now Jeff, don’t be a bore.
Make an investment.

Okay okay you caught me changing my post… I’ll donate 20 points, but if you abuse it I’ll have you banned!!! Big Brother [color=brown]
[/color] Uncle Sam are watching!

Now, minimum investment is 50 karma.

Dividends are payed quarterly on profits made.

That’s okay I don’t need any dividends on investment, just let it ride.


We can actually base the karma lottery on the Friday lottery numbers.

Players can guess the first and last number or the highest and the lowest number.
Pay the 5 karma and post the numbers of choice here on a special weekly karma lottery thread.

Any other suggestions?

I want this to be 110% honest, no scam.

So ummmm Nox, what happend the tax authorities shut you down? Damn so quick!

When is there going to be a payout ? Quarterly is not often enough (!)

Before the numbers are drawn, get a mod to lock the thread, so as to prevent anyone from changing their numbers after the fact. :sunglasses:

Is there ever going to be a lottery ?