Kashmir Lockdown - no phone, no internet

Surprised that the media is rather quiet about this

What is Article 370?

The article is a provision in the Indian Constitution that confers special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Its revocation would lead to Indians outside of the state gaining the legal right to own property there.

But critics say such changes would lead to demographic transformation and have accused the Hindu nationalist-led government of wanting to establish a Hindu majority in the predominantly Muslim region.

HA, don’t they know that diversity is a strength??

I think that, even ignoring for a moment the India-Pakistan mess, the only way to judge this move by the Indian government will be to wait and see how the situation is handled. Kashmir is currently poor as fuck, so opening it to investments from “mainland India” (lol) should improve the situation in the region, possibly creating jobs and improving life conditions. More money from India could also move people away from Pakistan’s influence.

Cutting off internet and phone communications was imho a dumb move, because they did it as a precautionary measure to avoid the publication of potential violent backlash, but now the result is that everyone is comparing India to China and the Uyghurs.