Katy Perry banned from China for wearing Taiwan flag in 2015 | Taiwan News


They didn’t get offended by the Buddha face. The Buddha head bun(?) was just what she was holding. They got offended by the squint, which is frankly quite tasteless and insensitive indeed.


Indeed, but of course tastelessness and insensitiveness are important elements of free speech.


how many of these triggering incidents is it going to take before people start refusing to deal with the hassle of it? money is one thing but making money without taking a huge shit sandwich from china is much preferable.


Eh, the Japanese are too polite for that. Of course, they could go with allowing Taiwan to participate as such or bring ROC flags in, which would be evil, but too much a slap in the face for polite Japanese.

Now, China puppets in Taiwan going to Japan to stir trouble and create headlines, that I can believe.



China of course issued a ridiculous demand of “mutual respect” Germans aren’t budging hahaha


Um no? I don’t find the fact that Gigi Hadid got accused of being racist unjustifiable. She’s obviously extremely privileged. Other countries probably wouldn’t deny entry of someone because of a minor incident like this, but she deserved her backlash. It’s probably not a buddha face, but Asian nonetheless.

Here’s the picture btw.


Wait…she doesn’t even look like she’s squinting. She just looks like she has her eyes closed so she looks more like the face on the cookie. This seems more immature than racist to me.


She’s just imitating the face on that statue thing, so what. It kind of makes sense though that it could tee off Buddhists, in some places they can be pretty prickly about that kind of thing.


Ehh, she means nothing to me. Not really going to debating over if she’s being racist or not. Even if she’s not in that instant, I just assume she’s probably not very in touch with reality and probably says and does dumb shit all the time.
I tried not to stereotype models, but unfortunately my brushes with them and even going on some dates with some pretty much almost always match the stereotype. Lots of cocaine, starving themselves, immature responses to things, huge princess syndrome for even small time models, you name it. Unfortunately I had to cater and maintain some of those relationships for work. One of the worst working experiences was organizing with a bunch of them to be ring girls. I should show you some of the group chat. I have a better time communicating with kids that I taught. Jeez

There were a few exceptions though. Some were actually pretty normal people. Others were like the perfect stereotype.


It’s not hate speech. Being offended by someone’s words or actions is irrelevant with regards to freedom of speech.

Whether she was deliberately being offensive is another question altogether. However, even if we deny her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she was being deliberately offensive then it’s her freedom to do so. I’m gobsmacked that anyone would be defending the actions of the Chinese Communist Party.


I mean she deserved her backlash from the public, not from the Chinese government. Like I said, I don’t care that she’s banned in China at all, as she’s such a terrible model.


Oh, I see. Yes, of course the public are free to voice their disapproval of a celebrity’s words or actions. Seemed a bit OTT to me, though, for a minor incident that could be interpreted as perfectly innocent.


I may be biased but I often feel racism, maybe not the hateful bigoted but more ignorant and immature xenophobic racism towards Asians are often brushed off.


Chinese report the highest level of racial harassment of any minority ethnic group in the UK. 15% last year (other groups reported 4-10%). Interestingly, a lot of the abuse directed at them comes from other minority ethnic groups.


Whenever I read “China”, in my head I always say it “GHIna” like Trump.


Shh, don’t wake the ghost of you-know-who! :ghost: :doh: