Made it out to Kavalan Distillery today . GOt there at 5pm in time to MISS the last tour at 4pm. However, luckily one can still venture into the factory and see the process as outlined by murals on the walls. Peek at the stills and get an idea.

Then walk next door to the sales orifice and even get about 2 teaspoons of their first whiskey as a sample. That was the only sample they provided (it was free). To see what the others are about, luckily they are on sale. Bottles of 700cc, bottles of about 200, and bottles of bout 48cc available of all their different series . Except the best one, the Fino, which is only available in 700cc size (far as I can see) and for bout 6600.

I bought 3 tiny bottles of their Soloist series. One each of the favored one matured in sherry casks, one of the vinho barrique and one light colored one matured in bourbon casks.

trying out the sherry one now, not bad, not bad.

Took the 9 over there. Full of big bikes on the road and took the 5 freeway back thru the snow tunnel . Kinda scary as thats a first time for me and the traffic was crawling at 25kph initially, then up to bout 55kph. Took over 20 mins to get thru the 12.9 km.

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