Kawasaki KLR 650

Hey folks!

I’ll be arriving in Taiwan in May, and after doing some research I think I’d like to buy a KLR 650. Everything I’ve read says they’re just darn good bikes. I also really like the style of them a lot.
I worked at a scooter/motorcycle rental shop over the summer, and we got a brand new KLR. I rode it gently for about a week to work the engine in before we started renting it out. (Man those things are tall!)

Anyway, I’ve been looking for one on ruten, yahoo, etc., but they don’t seem very common at all. Can anybody suggest a place to look for one in the Taipei City/Country region?
I’d prefer used, but I’m also curious how much a new one would go for.

I’ll also take this opportunity to do a general shout-out to the motorcycle people here on the forum. I’ve been riding for two years here in Canada, and I don’t know a single person who understands the motorcycle riding experience. I’m really interested in meeting up with some other interested parties, and I’m definitely interested in learning more about maintenance and repair stuff. So, if anybody wants some help on a project or something, drop me a line! Maybe we can figure something out.


Neither the KLR650 nor the Versys are imported into Taiwan by Kwak’s 'wan distributor.
The closest model in the Kwak line would be a Ninja 650 or an ER-6.

Ahh, the sharp sting of disappointment!

My last two bikes were Honda CM250 and CB750, and I’d like to move away from that style at this point. I’m looking for something a little taller, but I’m trying to stay away from anything bulky.
Other things I’ve had in mind are the Suzuki V-Strom and the BMW GS (not that I could afford a BMW).

Can anybody recommend another bike that might be a similar style, and actually available in Taiwan?


well the V-Storm is a nice bike, but if u are looking for a street bike as well why dont you check the Suzuki SV1000, there is also the SVS1000, those are great bikes for the price and easy to find for sale here in Taiwan, the V engine gives you great power and the riding position is not bad…

I have a liter Strom in CONUS, been all over the western states and provinces on it. Perhaps the most reliable bike in current production. The liter Strom is imported into Taiwan, don’t know about the WeeStrom. Neither the liter Strom or the WeeStrom do well on trails, but are great on any type of dirt road, e.g., Forest Service. Even with the high seat height (less than the 35.1" of the KLR 650, though), the Stroms handle close to sport bike levels, but an SM would clean their clock in the tight twisties of the 'wan.

I’ve seen several KLR riders drop their bikes in parking lots. Unless you’ve got a 33" inseam or more, it’s a matter of time.

Thanks a lot for the info, maunaloa!

We had a WeeStrom at the bike shop. I always liked that bike. That’d be a fair stand-in for a KLR if I can’t get one in Taiwan.
I actually have a 34" inseem, but I was on my toes on the KLR. Not surprised they get dropped a lot! Hehe.

Now it’s just a matter of luck if I see a __ Strom for sale anywhere that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg!


If you are worried about the cost of buying one then you will also have to consider the running costs. Unless you are prepared to pay you need to bear in mind that Taiwan is a small market with a limited number of popular bikes and a smart person stays within that range to make day-to-day running more manageable.

I guess the closest mass market bike to your KLR650 is the Suzuki DRZ400. Now I personally hate the DRZ and think it’s a gutless wonder, but the specs are pretty close to the KLR650.

If you have a genuine use for a dual-purpose bike then knock yourself out. Otherwise why bother with a gutless sort-of dirt bike when there are cheaper, more powerful and more practical options for Taiwan?

The secret to making the DRZ strut its stuff is a full Yosh exhaust system, airbox mod, and rejetting. Yoshimura actually designed the engine, and their exhaust system was part of the design, but was “value engineered” by Zook; the Zook system castrates the engine. A modded DRZ will outperform any of the “average 650s”, e.g., DR, KLR, XR-L. Nothing holds a candle to the vaunted XR-R (esp. when modded), not even the old Zook DR-800. I have owned all of the above at one time or another except the DR-800, which I think only lasted 2 years in the States. Dogma knows quite a bit about racing the DRZ.

Not to pee on your parade or anything but you do know you’ll be paying twice the price for whatever bike you could get over there in Canada.
Our road taxes are also hefty, parts are expensive, second hand parts hard to get, most m.c. apparel is pricey too. On the bright side the insurance is low-though that means it doesn’t cover anything so if you’re in an accident you’re S.O.L.

Oh- and the driving experience is going to be a little different than what you’re use to at home. (insert evil snicker here)


What a great segueway to… OP, you gotta consider the giant slayer in the 'wan moto world, the CPI 250 SM. Some on ruten are new for NT90K, about CAN$3K, versus ~CAN$12K for a new 650, depending on model.

Hey guys,

Just wanted to thank you for the tips and info!

I’ll have to take another look at what I see available when it gets closer to my arrival. Might just cruise a used lot and see if anything calls to me.



[quote=“maunaloa”]Neither the KLR650 nor the Versys are imported into Taiwan by Kwak’s 'wan distributor.
The closest model in the Kwak line would be a Ninja 650 or an ER-6.[/quote]

They do carry the Versys now.

i think this is the closest that i have seen

Yep… Kwak is importing Versys now… haven’t seen one, but Alan in the Xindian Zook shop says he can get them. Maybe he is also a Kwak dealer, only has the red S on the storefront.