Kayleigh McEnany Superthread

I cannot imagine how hated she was in law school, showing up in the front row of her 8am class started 15m early, wearing full make-up, having done the pre-reading, entirely caffeinated and ready to go.

Damn right she deserves her own thread.


Four years ago, when I was trying to figure out how or why Donald Trump could have any supporters at all, when I loved jokes about how Trump was a joke and how badly he would get beat down, I remember seeing McEnany on CNN. She was a very cool, very thoughtful, very smart defender of Steve Bannon and Trump, and I was like w.t.f.

Back then there were four GOP outsiders who chilled me because I read the flagship Democrat websites almost exclusively and Democrat media types were obviously badly frightened by them. They are:

  • Trump
  • Steve Bannon
  • Kellyanne Conway
  • Kaleigh McEnany

All four Americans have subsequently shown us Americans that there is nothing to fear from any of the four. As if. In fact, I now find them almost heroic. Now when I watch any of them speak I often feel pride, and never fear.

McEnany was as cool under fire in 2016, on CNN, as she is today. She was and is doing a mighty fine job for citizens of the USA.

Kaleigh McEnany goes in the foxhole.


I read the title as Superhead :grimacing::grimacing:

It’s probably another thread but I know…offhand…over two dozen people who did not vote for Trump in 2016 (not all voted for Clinton) but who will likely do so this year. However, I don’t know anybody who voted for the man four years ago but will vote for Biden in this election*. This is particularly interesting considering the media attention the man has received in the past six years though, thinking of this a bit more, perhaps that’s part of the reason for the shift.

Honestly, I have always liked whoever the Press Secretary is because they have a difficult job but McEnany is far better than most.

*I do know a fair number of Republicans, primarily religious, who deeply dislike the President though I have no idea how they will really vote when faced with the decision.


I agree, and I am baffled why this isn’t publicly discussed more. I also think that the hostility of the press, and especially social media, must be forcing some voters to deny to pollsters any intention of voting for Trump.

I also retain a blind faith in the American idea of fair play, to recognize how unfairly Trump has been treated in social media, in the press, and by the opposition, and to vote accordingly.

I was living in coastal Virginia in November 2016. In mid-October I was convinced Clinton would win, but as the days passed it was as if a leak had opened in her campaign and support was draining away. You could sense her support deflating almost by the hour; it felt palpable.

One neighbor on my side of the street had put up a Hillary sign in his yard in September, and it was the only visible sign in my neighborhood. On Tuesday morning, Election Day, I awoke to find that my neighbor across the street, and the neighbors on either side of her, had sunk Trump-Pence signs in their yards overnight.

I knew. Couldn’t bear to watch the election results that Tuesday night. Woke up early on Wednesday, and was soon in shock. Trump voters had seemed to come out of the woodwork overnight.

Guess we’ll see if that happens again in less than six months.


Just another no-compass opportunist, she was anti-Trump before.

The receipts:

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Great example of how a person can change their opinion of someone by, perhaps, being part of the change. Good find.

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I think he was trying to add to the discussion that @bojack and I were having regarding people who didn’t vote for Trump in the last election but intend to this year - really good find. The fact that people think updating your opinion is a bad character trait is as troubling for the country. It really is a good find indeed.


Or “selling out.”

No one here knows her motives. It’s more likely she’s being a good soldier for her party and she’s taking advantage of an opportunity rather than her actual convictions have changed.

It’s rare that I “update my opinion” about anything, but when I do it’s usually about individual issues and the changes are nuanced… it’s not about people who have already made terrible first impressions.

She looks like Ivanka.

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Better looking than Ivanka.

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I think you’re missing the larger point, which is that many of us have changed our minds about Trump, not least because we’ve observed, in horror, as the opposition has mutated into the very monster they accused Trump of in 2016.

For example, in the last week it’s become clear that the Democrats - including former President Obama - went out of their way to sabotage the incoming administration. You can argue that they were suspicious of Russian interference in the election, but here is where we who moved to support Trump watched as Democrats refused to abandon their accusations as new or no evidence came to light. As they do to this day. That’s the kind of no-change Democrat change that earns Trump new support.

It’s not as if people moving to Trump’s side have done so in a vacuum.


This. Plus, how many entrenched R’s stood in their way which may have elicited her early view of the President-to-be.


Ah but you didn’t watch until the end. Her change happened when Trump started to look viable election-wise, it was through no actual experience she had with Trump.

She just floats where the wind takes her, and changes her opinion based on personal opportunity. I’d call her a sellout but I doubt she had a set of principles to sell out in the first place. Actual principled people who say things like ‘I don’t want to claim this guy’ don’t go work for them.

This thread is great timing though, behold the super genius:

as McEnany displayed the president’s check to HHS at the briefing, she appeared to hold up the real thing and revealed Trump’s private Capital One bank account and routing numbers.

:sweat_smile: :brain:

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Yes. And I don’t believe that Trump has necessarily been that persuasive. I think that a lot of the shift has been due to the media and the DNC - if they had interacted with him with a modicum of objectivity, I don’t believe that many people would have shifted to the right.


I predicted that Trump was far more popular than the polls demonstrated for this reason - I believe that I saw a poll that indicated he was far higher in computer polls than when an actual person called - essentially a Bradley effect.

I don’t know if you’re trolling by providing perfect examples of what we’re discussing or not but it’s entertaining.

“Look at that idiot…donating his entire quarterly salary to HHS…as he has to other departments throughout his entire tenure?”


incorrect assumption.

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Yes. I may be horribly old-fashioned, but I believe every new President deserves an open mind from his opponents. I’m not talking about a honeymoon period, I mean that in my view every American owes the incoming POTUS his support until events prove otherwise.

I don’t think Democrats agree. Now we know that not even former President Obama agreed; he withheld information from the incoming administration for perhaps the first time in US history. The Democrats never intended to be the loyal opposition, they never intended to offer the new President even a honeymoon, a chance to get his feet wet. It was knives in his back before he’d even been inaugurated.

And they’ve managed to go downhill from there.


Well last week he was beholden to the Bank of China. Maybe he has more than one account? Perhaps that can be a thing for the news to yo-yo to.

It doesn’t hurt that the crazy left has shifted the party dramatically, leaving moderates with only an irrational hatred to tie them to the party.