Kazaa 2.0 Problems

I had Kazaa 2.0 on my computer. I liked it but it made my computer(love of my life) become seriously unstable. I would have trouble accessing webpages and my yahoo acct. regularly was reporting bugs and asking me if I want to debug it. My computer would just go out as in the screen went blank, but the lights were still on and fan was still running. I can handle computer crashes but 5-10 times week was a light week for me.

Are there any ways to get rid of it and the annoying spyware without having to reformat your hard drive? I have Kazaalite2.02, but I need to know what will happen when I get rid of the old Kazaa2.02. I don’t want my computer to have to spend any time in a shop getting put back together.

I run PC-cillin, ad-aware, and defrag my c drive(takes over 24 hours and multiple tries) once week. I’m no whiz with computers, but I can follow directions. Any help is appreciated.


Get rid of kazaa and try kazaalite can be found at kazaalite.com. Kazaalite is kazaa with all the spyware removed or you can use DietK. Just do a search on google for dietK. Goodluck

You might also consider getting [color=red]ad-aware [/color]to get the spyware off of your drive; if you’ve used Kazaa, the friendly people there have (likely without your knowledge) installed “spyware” that monitors your surfing/buying habits without ever needing to pay you for your input. Strangely, Kazaalite seems to be doing the same stuff (tracking spyware and popups galore) so I’ve switched to Shareaza, and that seems to work OK, except that sometimes you have to keep trying because everyone appears to be signed off…

Good luck and I hope your computer starts “behaving” again soon (maybe you should de-fragment as well, just to be on the safe side). If you do run the ad-aware, you will find AT LEAST seven spyware files on your system. I don’t remember the address; enter it into a search engine and you should get a site that will offer a download.



You might try looking here:

geocities.com/Pentagon/Quart … kazaa.html

If you get rid of the Cydoor DLL, Kazaa will not function. You need to fake Kazaa into believing the Cydoor DLL (cd_clint.dll) is still there. The above site tells you where to find the fake DLL.

Let them spy on you. Just make sure you go to a lot of porn sites to throw their numbers off. That’s what I do. :smiley:


Thanks for that.

Is Kazaa the best file-sharing program? I remember back when Kazaa lets you download stuff without having to share your own, but that’s not the case anymore right? I heard something about now you can only download as much as you share.

What are some other popular P2P file sharing programs? What are their pros and cons? Which one is the best?

I used winmx.com back home.

I thought it was fly.

Has anyone tried Neonapster? I haven’t tried Kazaa yet, but the two sound very similar, with the exception that I haven’t experienced any real stability problems with Neonapster. The installation program allows you to turn off all the third party spyware while you install the program.


Anybody using Edonkey2000? My wife and I have been using it for a couple of months with no problems. The file selection seems much greater than Kazaa. You can get it at edonkey2000.com


Found this link accidentally just now. Thought someone here might find it useful.