Kazaa Lite question

I’ve been through all the options I can find, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to vet who downloads from me.

There are a lot of freeloaders out there, downloading like crazy, but not sharing their own files. Is there any way to limit my uploads so that I only share with others who share?


PS And why does there not appear to be a single person (out of 3+ million) with a copy of The Blues Brothers movie?

not possible to do
i tried to use it to share only 1 file to my buddy in HK, but this one person kept trying to download it from me. I even gave the file a really random name too like 344ffpp(friends name)xx.bin and still this person tried to download it, no it wasn’t my friend - btw, my friend couldn’t find the file when he searched for it.

don’t use Kazaa (or lite), it has too many viruses - stick with IRC :sunglasses: it’s been around the longest and never has fake files
you can share on somebody’s channel there if you like

you can’t pick the people to share with on kazaa (lite).

but you can control how many uploads you get at one time. (tools/options… then upload…). so you could limit it to 1 upload at a time if you like.

another way to discourage uploading is simply to remove your files from the sharing folder. of course, that defeats the whole purpose of sharing and now you look like a freeloader.

or manually you can just cancel their uploads (you can click on their name to see what files they are sharing). of course this is tedious.

The answer to all your problems is here. :sunglasses:

you and your friend should connect to the same supernode (server) using KazSupernodes. If you do this he will be able to search and find your files.

[quote=“Maoman”]The answer to all your problems is here. 8-)[/quote]That thread was the cause of all my harrasments. Grrrr :x

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