Keeping it Together ('till the end)

Hi guys,

I’m back in the TEiT forum, where it all began. I’ve got lots of help as a newbie on this forum and others (hi, Dave’sESL Café!). I’ve been teaching for 6 years or so now in Asia (mainly Korea and Taiwan). I totally owe my sanity to forumistas like you! But I’ve been given an opportunity to do something else in my home country and I’m going to do it… So, I’m leaving in 9 months. :discodance: It’s come at a good time as I have recently realised how utterly bored I am of teaching. I expect many of you can sympathise!

I’ve got to keep it together ‘till then though. I’m typing this after having to ice my fingers after really losing it big time in class today. I ripped up some kids’ books and threw them around the classroom. I gave them new books and injured myself slamming them down on the desks! :whistle:

I’ve been getting the lowest level kids in the school for years. Usually their attitudes are malleable and I work hard to change them. I’ve had a good innings. The kids about to graduate this year have really learnt stuff and are now much more independent mature learners. I guess they’ve just grown up. Probably needn’t have bothered haha. But this year - its just not funny or interesting anymore. No challenge - the kids are practically useless. I Just can’t be assed with the first and second year (JHS) students who are just so lame I can’t forgive them.

Do any of the old hands out there have any advice for keeping it together when you are just not into it? I just don’t know what to do. If I slack off too much I end up having to make up for it by being extra assy later. I do have a fair amount of freedom here though. Any tips?

G’damn. I’m hoping I dont have to come up with this one by myself. Have I fled the nest already?

G’damn man keep it together. What you’re going through now is just human nature, the human nature of realizing teaching English in Asia is not the best way to live one’s life. The second part is knowing you’re done and holding on until it’s time to turn it in for good. I can relate to this from some jobs I’ve had. Once I knew I was quitting soon I found it hard to give a shit about my job and stay focused. Find a way to stay focused enough to end well, whether your inspiration comes from personal pride, work ethic, or whatever. 9 months after 6 years will be a breeze in some respect, and in another way a lifetime. Remember as long as you’re getting paid and agree to the task at hand you have a responsibility to your employer, your students, and to yourself. Good luck finishing well and even more luck to you and your next chapter in life and long term happiness

9 months?

“Taylor, how long you got left? Three hundred and what?”
“Thirty-two. Three hundred and thirty-two days.”
“Xin loi, my boy!”
“I can’t even remember when I was 332, man. You gotta, like, count backwards or something. You know, like, you got 40 days in. I mean, think positive, dude.”

haha “think positive” 3 months in
I’m in a bad place right now: I can’t stand being here, and I’m quite worried about going back!
Contractual obligation seems to be about all there is now. :unamused:

Damn if it’s that bad just quit. You can bounce around Asia a few months then go home. If you’re worried about money it means you should definitely do it. If you end up broke back home this will be your best and maybe last chance. Piss on all you can before finally returning home like a wandering pooch :smiley:

that’s the temptation haha

Quit. It seems it would be better for all concerned. Read your words back to yourself…

This behaviour is worrying. Ripping up childrens books? Throwing their books round the room? Did the kids witness your breakdown? Injuring your fingers slamming books on desks? Dude, have a strong word with yourself. You’ll probably be sacked if you don’t quit.

I make no apologies for my tone. Get out of there. You are toxic now. I wish you well for the future, but do everyone a favour and go sit on a beach.

Seriously, Superking is right, You shouldn’t be in a classroom in your current state. Go home early, I’d say.

Time to wrap up the job, now.

yeah sh*ts now hitting the fan…

“trubadour, your fired”

Was that for the Book slamming episode? Never mind…onwards and upwards,now you can at least get on with the rest of your life,your way.
Try to establish if it was your environment,or the fact you dont want to teach anywhere. Maybe you need a change of air.
Best of luck and keep smiling…do NOT slam books down again. :slight_smile:

Have they really fired you?

Funny how sometimes our subconscious causes us to act in ways that bring about the result we truly want, even when we don’t consciously plan it that way


OP, chin up! Use the holidays to de stress and then think about what’s next!

thanks divea - although I believe the expression is ‘fixed that for ya’

I’m of two minds about it. On the one hand, I think professionalism is professionalism. On the other hand, I think sometimes people ([strike]including[/strike] especially children) are cunts and they push you too far. Skulls need to be knocked together. That is ultimately for their own good. We live in a world where we wrap everyone in cotton wool. We’re breeding a generation/society of soft cocks. The world will shit all over such people.

You wait till Christmas to deliver one of your ‘erudite barbarism,’ sermons? :smiley: We haven’t heard you ranting for a while. What gives? How do you decide a child is the c&nt? If I were the parent and you were knocking skulls together because you saw fit to I’d be round to knock your skull together with a brick. The way the world works isn’t yours to decide by yourself and it is something no one single person can ever fully understand and it certainly isn’t your business to drum into someone else’s child your version of events, especially when your f"cking job is to teach conversational English.

superking: Sure. Then people complain that kids today have no respect. You put a teacher in a shitty situation and then let every single person from kid to parent to the school receptionist run rough shod over him and he’s going to react. Why is every single other person in the system allowed to react, yet the teacher isn’t? Why is every other person in the system allowed to be a cunt, yet the teacher isn’t? Yet then people complain that the buxiban system is a joke here. People complain that the education system in whichever Western country has gone to shit. Things actually are a slippery slope and all the nonsense that occurs in schools in the West is well on its way to arriving here. I’ve taught in a lot of different schools in several countries. The schools that work are those that have good discipline. The knocking skulls together may be real or simply a metaphor, but it’s what works. Liberalism in education has been an abject failure in most places. Where you and I differ is that I don’t believe that humans, including (especially) children, are fundamentally good or civilised. Such things need to be taught.

I know people are going to say that teacher’s need to be more professional, develop better classroom management and all the rest of it. That’s a load of bullshit. They’ve been backed into a corner and/or hung out to dry in many cases. Other people, the kids included, need to stop being cunts. Otherwise, you end up with burnt out shells of teachers who give kids busy work or try to be their friends, or the good teachers simply leave the job, or even the profession. As I originally stated, it doesn’t do the kids any favours to wrap them in cotton wool either. They get out into the big, bad world and quickly come to realise that no one gives a shit about their inner butterfly.

Nice play calling whatever I write/wrote a rant also. A good 95%+ of what people write here is insubstantiated bullshit. It’s just that most of it also happens to be the status quo, so it passes as something other than a rant.