Keeps Redirecting to

Whenever I go to, it redirects to, I have to hit the back arrow to log into the forums. Is this intended behavior?

I’m sorry to hear this. That isn’t what is supposed to happen.

Let me get this straight: you type into your browser “” but are sent directly to, and you can hit the back arrow to go reach the forums? :ponder:

I haven’t changed anything that might affect this, so maybe the trouble could be on your end.

How long have you had this problem?
Does it happen when you change browsers?
Does it happen when you change computers?

Also, let us know what browser and operating system you are using, so others with a similar configuration can weigh in with their own experience.

Sorry, I should’ve done a little testing before my first post. This only happens when I am using Google Chrome. It does not happen when I use Internet Explorer. I’m running Windows 7. I have not tested on my wife’s Macintosh. I rarely have issues using Google Chrome. Let me know if there’s any other information I can provide to help troubleshoot this.

Could it then be memory caching of your browser? If you do not have the latest version of Chrome, try installing over it. That might take care of the problem straight away.

I use Google Chrome normally to view Forumosa - both using WinXP and Linux. Haven’t had any trouble like you have had. I’m trying to upgrade the software for Forumosa now, but I do not expect this to have any impact on your problem (that is, you will likely still have the problem after the upgrade)