Kefir grains / where to buy

Does anyone know where you can buy kefir grains in Taipei. I’m new to this, but wanted to try making kefir milk for a long time. New Year’s and all that…

Do a kefir search on Carousell (app) and you will get several hits of people selling some locally.

carrefour has them. in the organic product aisle. the zhishan carrefour has them for sure, I dont know about other branches.
organic stores like Santa Cruz also carry them.

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Really? O_o

If that’s the case, I have to go to Carrefour!

“米森益生菌手作優格粉-1-其他早餐飲品-家樂福線上購物網|Carrefour Taiwan Online Shopping!!”



I have prepared yogurt quite a few times here and kefir was on my todo list. I kinda remember the temperature range in which the thing is active is wider than the one for making yogurt.

Thanks for the suggestions @above. Gosh, I was in Carrefour yesterday too, thinking “nothing worth buying here…” Lol

check the beers section

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Lol. Beer, Mm. Once upon a Time in Taiwan…

Are they kefir grains or just powdered kefir one time use to add to your milk or other beverage?

Kefir is not the easiest to keep healthy, it’s not rocket science, but takes a little effort to to grow them. But it’s actually fun.

I haven’t tried it myself, but i read the instructions on the pack and it is a sachet to prepare a quantity of ~2 liters.

Kefir are actually microorganisms that are bundled into ‘grains’, the grains can be multiplied and grown, used unlimited times but it needs to be taken care of. They feed on sugars. You can actually make fizzy drinks with them.

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My understanding is that that thing is basically indestructible.

It can die.

Is it like a scoby for Kombucha then?

No, but iirc it’s another symbiosis too.

That’s a good question. I think they are dehydrated grains? I mean by definition kefir grains are for re-use?

Yes, you need to take care of them like a baby.

So, the ones at Carrefour can presumably be re-used? I mean there can’t be such a thing as a single-use kefir grain logically speaking?
I’ll get some anyway, and report back later.