"KennyBoy": A Tribute to Bush's Very Good Friend

The Smoking Gun has a very touching bunch of correspondence between Bush and “Kenny Boy” Lay.

The correspondence mostly reflects a happier time in which their common “scatalogical midas touch” had not yet been discovered.

Part of me wants to say this is in very poor taste, but Zarkawi was crucified after his death, so what the hell…

Ken Lay was a bad man who did bad things and he died in a bad way, maybe the worst, a very long drawn out suffering…


May his family find some peace.

“Dead Men Tell No Tales”…

cbsnews.com/stories/2002/04/ … 5845.shtml

oops! sorry - this thread was about another ENRON exec…


I just saw this:

…makes sense to me! That scam artist has loads of cash to grease a few palms at the morgue! :laughing:


Of course he didn’t die of a heart attack. He was pushed. By Robert Maxwell.

Now THAT’S pithy!

aaah yes, the Bouncing Czech, Mister Ján Ludvik Hoch.

What happened to his PROMIS Software sales? Did they die along with him?

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