Kenting toTPE

I traveled from Taipei by HSR and bus to Kenting. Next, I fly from TPE @ 7 a.m. Question, is there an overnight bus that will get me into TPE from Kenting or Kaohsiung, is it permissable to wait at the airport overnight for an early departure?
Any advice, my first time in Taiwan?

In KHH simply go to the train station, not the HSR, but the older one and cross the street. There you will find many overnight buses to TPE.

Yes I understand buses run 24 hours from Kending to Kaohsiung and also 24 hours from Kaohsiung (near the main train station) up to TAipei. But then you have to get from TAipei city back down south to Taoyuan and CKS Airport in another bus. Count on 5 hours from Kaohsiung to Taipei city (to be safe, it can be as little as 3 and a half hours to 4 hours) and then another hour from Taipei city to Taipei Taoyuan airport. And if your flight leaves at 7am, then you can check in at 5am. So if you leave Kaohsiung city at around 11pm, you should get to Taipei city by 330pm. But then theres no buses at that time to the airport. So the best is to let the bus drop you off in Taoyuan and then take a taxi to the airport from there. Its just another 15 km from the main N.S. freeway to the Taipei Taoyuan airport. OR there are even buses from Kaohsiung directly to the TPE airport as well. So enquire about that.

Take a bus to KHH. Walk to U-bus and tell them you want to go to Zhong-gang Transfer Station 中港轉運站 (in Taichung). From there, buy another ticket at the station to Taoyuan Airport. Allow yourself about 6+ hours to be safe (about 3 hrs to ZGTS and then 2.5 to CKS and then waiting time for the buses). You might be able to go from KHH directly to Taoyuan Airport, but I’m not sure. You’d have to ask.

From KHH to ZGTS, the buses run every 30-60 minutes from 11PM-6AM. Outside of that time, they run every 30 minutes or less.
From ZGTS to CKS, from 2:30am-6am, they go every 30 minutes. They start again at 9:40am-1:40pm every hour.

Thanks peoples for all your advice, still unable to find a bus from KHH to Tpe airport, Teipei no problem, guess I just have to take a taxi cab to catch a flight.

Like I said earlier, you will have to transfer. The easiest i know of is Ubus from KHH->Zhong-gang transfer station->CKS.