Kerry's election strategy: assassinate Bush! … l_pr/kerry

If Kerry were a Republican, this would be considered hate speech.

Excellent. Let’s hope he succeeds.

Really Dangerrat said Fred while pawing with a very well-fed hoof. How can a former policeman encourage violence or is it violins?

Be careful, Frederick. I am not called Dangermouse for nothing. A pussy cat like you would be no match for a mouse like me.

And whats more, the US is outside my juristiction.

I smell a rat.

I smell a flounder …


If Kerry were a Republican, this would be considered hate speech.[/quote]


I believe you may have simply misunderstood what Kerry meant. He wants to take a gun with him to the debates because Kerry knows that when the nutty right-wingers see Bush losing they may choose to use their own weapons against him rather than see their man get beaten. Thus, Kerry needs a weapon for self-defense only.

However, even if you disagree with me about what I have written above, I still can’t understand at all how what Kerry said would be thought of as “hate speech.” So, perhaps you could enlighten us all with how Kerry’s words could be construed as “hate speech?”

probably not the best considered joke but just a joke.

“Ex World Leader”

Get your gut feeling about the leader of the free world votes.

See, the initial post in this thread, just like the similar ones on the other side, are why I think the both sides on these idiotic arguments are, well, idiotic. “Oh no, Kerry made a bad joke! If Bush made a bad joke it’d be a front page story!” and the converse. “Oh no, [insert candidate here] may not have performed his military service to a certain standard!” For all the bitching about the media I see every now and then, why does every still seem to buy into the bullshit distractions both sides put out, and not bother with, you know, issues?

There are three very simple issues for me in this election and they have been discussed.

Do you want Bush or Kerry to deal with terrorists, Iraq, Iran and North Korea (as well as any other new surprise)?

Bush will be hard and will do what needs to be done. Kerry will talk a la the UN and Europe like Clinton nay even worse maybe like Carter.

Do you want more tax cuts and more curbs on spending? If you think Bush is spending like a sailor, let Kerry in. Do you want Bush’s tax cuts reversed?

Do you want government or the individual to be responsible for how our lives are lived? Bush has certainly vastly increased the level of govt involvement, much more than I want but do you think Kerry would actually reverse that or develop it even more.

Final list of important issues. Strong defense, strong offense to protect America, reduction of taxes and government role, vote Bush.

Weak defense in consultation with our “allies” and the UN lest anyone think we are arrogant. We must talk to and discuss with Arabs and Muslims how to build more mosques in America and become more like them. We must raise taxes and ensure that everyone is fed, clothed properly regardless of their actions. People are in no way responsible for their lives. It is the government’s responsibility to take care of everyone. Then vote Kerry.

Simple and I think clear.