Ketagalan Institute

That’s the name of some fancy new study-circle for… well, they swear it’s not just for DPP people or even just politicians, so there. Anyway, they study “Taiwanese” culture. And have highly-placed backers in the Taiwan government.

Does anybody know what exactly they study? In principle, could foreigners apply?

[quote]In principle, could foreigners apply?

According to their blurb, you have to be a member of “society’s elite” to get in. However, given that in Taiwan, that just means you scratch your bum with a different finger to the one you use to pick your nose, you should get in no problem.

You could always call and ask: 2550-1515.

The English Web site obviously isn’t ready to go yet (a dummy page with “Soong lays out vision for nation” as the headline :laughing: ). But the Chinese version might be of help.

Lee Teng-hui thought?

I thought Lee Teng-hui thought was taught at the Institute called the Taiwan Think Tank? I think it has another name, but I always hear it referred to as that.

I think the Ketagalan is meant to train party cadres for the DPP, somewhat similiar to a school run by the KMT. So much for dispensing with Leninst political practicies. Just more proof that the DPP does not represent a new Taiwan. They just have a green flag.