Kevin Spacey Came Out

NOT that there’s anything wrong with that…

I have a strong feeling that a lot more is about to come out about Spacey.

I see what you did there…

Then why do I still feel dirty?

I’m sure I don’t know.
But I, for one, have no right to tell you when you should and shouldn’t feel dirty.

Why? Do you know him personally? Why is it that when these accusations happen, you get two extremes when nothing is known. You get one side that say the accuser is lying with alternative motives. And the other just ready to burn the person at the stake without knowing any facts or evidence. I’ve known people on both sides. Rape survivors that people called a slut and said she lied. Another friend who was falsely accused by a girl he friended to be nice with mental health issues. Fell in love with him, said she was going to kill herself if he didn’t love her back and later accused him of rape. He had to move schools even after they proved she lied and she admitted she lied. But that took months. And he was labeled the rapist by everyone he ever knew. She didn’t even get a slap on the wrist because her dad was rich and they played he sympathy card of her having mental problems.

did i? just saying i’m not outraged that a 14 year old gay was layed on by a 26 year old drunk kevin spacey.

What’s “a gay”??

It’s the singular of “the gays.”

Surprisingly, I don’t know him personally. Although I loved him in The Usual Suspects.

I don’t feel like I’ve posted anything extreme. There have been rumours about Spacey’s predatory behavior in Hollywood for a long time. We’ll see whether more victims choose to go public. That isn’t me burning anyone on the stake of Forumosa, it’s a probable outcome. I certainly would like to see a lot more exposure of the pedophilia in Hollywood that has been an open secret for ever.

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I’m just going to stay nuetral on this. I wasn’t even alive 30 years ago. I can barely remember some people from 5-6 years ago when someone asks me remember that one time you were with so and so. Kevin spacey apologized and the other person isn’t exactly bringing it to court. Kevin has no means to prove it didn’t happen but he’s going to get shit on for something I think it’s entirely possible he doesn’t even remember regardless of if it happened. If he it happened, then shame on Kevin spacey, but at least he apologized. None of us will ever know what really happened probably.

i accidentally left out guy. are you going to be outraged about it now?

Not what I’m saying. For one thing, it would be really hard to prosecute someone for what Spacey did. So if you accept the law as the arbiter of what’s abuse and what isn’t, you’ve got a reasonably good yardstick.

Merely pointing out that, back when I were a lad - when Victoria presided over the Empire - Spacey would have got a righteous punch in the face and that would have been the end of the matter. Nobody needs to wheel out lawyers and a jury for something like that.

So far be it from me to draw the line between soul-scarring abuse and a drunken, inappropriate pass gone horribly wrong, but I suggest it’s something like this:

(a) If it stops as soon as someone makes it clear they’re not interested, it’s just a really bad mistake, somebody misread the signals and/or let his/her hormones overrule his thought processes, a sincere apology is due, and everyone can move on.
(b) If it carries on well beyond that point, it’s something different entirely.

As Andrew and Dr Milker said, we’ll never know what happened, but unless other people start popping up with some seriously unpleasant stories, It sounds like it might have been a one-off instance of (a).

I’ve had a few inappropriate passes from gay men and thought nothing of it. They tried it on, got a ‘thanks but no thanks’, and backed off. No big deal.

Feel free to point out flaws in my logic, as opposed to just dismissing my right to deploy some.

Doesn’t often happen, and don’t see what it has to do with the story, but when it does I don’t crawl into a corner and have a little cry. There’s usually a simple solution, eg., calling him out as a cnut, ignoring him, or (in some cases) seeing if he’ll change his mind.

Is there an article that has what the accuser said happened. I’ve only seen snip bits of it.

That occurred to me when I saw his statement. Why would he say I can’t remember it instead of just denying it. Maybe he’s just being totally honest. A bit weird though. I think I’d remember that one. Been pretty drunk but I remember most shit I was upright for. Or, then again he could know that other stories are waiting to come out of the woodwork.

I think this may be the ur-article?:

The first half of Kevin Spacey’s statement seems fine to me, assuming honesty on his part - maybe he was totally drunk and genuinely doesn’t remember, and I hope that this was a one-time idiotic and abusive act. (The coming-out part is just a weird addendum.)

EDIT: On drunkenness - oh, there are plenty of nights from my early 20s that I don’t remember. Blackouts are absolutely a thing. Of course the person who doesn’t remember is still responsible for anything they did.

Well I think if I’m not incorrect reading Kevin’s statement. He never hid or used the excuse or mentioned he was drunk. It’s the other person that said Kevin was very drunk if I’m not wrong. But to me. It seems pretty likely for guy like Kevin spacey to not remember something that may or may not have happened 30 years ago.

I agree. But i he never mentioned that he was drunk. I think that would be a red flag to me. He just said he doesn’t remember and he’s sorry if he did it. Which seems entirely possible on something that happened 30 years ago, especially drunk like the other person said. And if he’s honest, that seems like a reasonable apology for it. But I guess I’m not the judge of that. I don’t remember many people in my life 10 years ago.

I would think trying unsuccessfully to molest a 14 year old kid would kind of stick out in the memory a bit. If it didn’t happen I think I’d be pretty sure about it, 30 years later or no. It doesn’t say anything good that he’s not sure. On that basis, I tend to agree with what BD said.

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I thought he was 17. Didn’t someone say he was 17? I mean I’m not saying that it ok if he was 17. Legally it’s not. But to be fair when I in college many high school girls would come that were 17 or maybe just turned 18 and you couldn’t tell they were not 18.

Edit, apparently it was the other kid that was 17. I guess it would probably stand out in my mind.