Kevin Spacey Came Out


Spacey was 26 and the other guy was 14.


Yeah, that’s pretty weird. But I’m just going to withhold judgment on Kevin spacey for now. I don’t know him so I can’t speak to his character. And I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened.


Another possibility: he made drunken passes at young guys so often back then that he doesn’t remember that particular incident.


Cripes. kid, you have to start reading better

In his Twitter statement, Spacey denied any recollection of the incident with Rapp…
“If I did behave then as [Rapp] describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior, and I am sorry for the feelings he describes having carried with him all these years,” he said.

@rocket ain’t going to be around forever to clean up after you…


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I did nazi that coming!


A Rod Stewart mimic in Boise for a brother and a Nazi-loving shithead for a father. Shit. And I thought Spacey was creepy. :grin: That whole family seems super fucked up. No wonder Spacey is doing weird shit. That`s a pretty fucked up family.

What I find arrogant is the projecting Spacey did in House of Cards…Predatory sexual behaviour in the cellar in one episode. Method friggin acting!


Would you ever in no matter what state ever contemplate sleeping with a 14 year old girl when you were 26? Or 20, or 18? I suspect the answer is NO.

The fact Spacey brushes this off as being drunk and can’t remember, that should send alarm bells off in your head.

But save your judgement till a little later, more and more people are stepping forward every day.


This is what Milo got in trouble for. This kind of behavior is somewhat common for gay folk to engage in, to hear Milo Yinopolis tell it. I’m not outraged and my opinion of Kevin Spacey hasn’t changed.


Milo made an inappropriate remark which he has repeatedly apologized for from his personal experience where he was the victim and underage boy being exploited. He got absolutely crucified by the left wing media.

Spacey is the predator, the older age man taking advantage of a boy and the left wing media praised Spacey for coming out as gay.

Don’t you see a double standard at play here?


I only made it three episodes in before I gave up. Spacey’s overacting was just too much to swallow.


Yip, the UK version was way more believable.


If he said he liked Trump the corporate fake news media would have hung him out to dry.


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Oh FFS, do we really need to bring politics into this? I stay out of those threads for a reason.


How cute you think the two are not connected.


… okay, Mick. You do you.


Oh, so that’s what the Clinton Foundation has been doing with its money all these years!

Case law says not necessarily. Iirc the Supreme Court of Canada let a wifebeater off in the 90’s on the grounds of drunkenness (and they had a spoof on TV with a woman slapping the chief justice and excusing herself by saying she was drunk).

Edit: it was a sexual assault case.

They changed the law shortly after that, basically to say it only works if you’re involuntarily intoxicated.

What American law says about this is another question.


Yup, exactly. I’ve been pretty drunk before but I can say with 100% certainty that I didn’t sexually assault anybody. And, sure, there are plenty of nights I can’t remember but those are relegated to the nights where I was home watching TV. I remember most nights I went out.

I don’t think that’s true. The majority of what I saw told him to go f himself for perpetuating the conservative stereotype that gay = child molester. He conflated the two and they’ll forever be joined in people’s minds. There were perhaps a few that congratulated him on that but the left saw it as a smoke screen just as clearly as the right did.

Though everybody has to concede that the media did jump on Milo for glamorizing his story of being sexually assaulted at 13 (by a priest, no less). Sure, Milo is a public figure and should be careful with how he frames things, but he also has the right to take back his assault if it helps him get past it. There needs to be a balance with the two, and pushing him to a place he obviously didn’t want to be wasn’t cool.

Though, I agree with Drew, sexual assault shouldn’t be something that divides people’s politically. I would hope everybody agrees it’s horrible and go from there. I don’t think people would like the stats on the subject, regardless of what their political affiliation is.


Here it comes.