KFC donut fried chicken burger

The wonders of capitalism


They used to have a Keto friendly chicken sandwich. Literally 2 chicken patties with lettuce between them.

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I’ll be coming with the giant wiener-burger-sauerkraut donut!

You might as well just go up to the counter of any KFC selling this monstrosity and ask them to shoot you dead


Why not do both

Why not? In America, land of the free, many things are possible, including donut fried chicken sandwiches and being shot dead whenever and wherever.

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‘Cronut’ oil soaked, sugar drenched nastiness with bacon on top!

You’re a young man! Don’t do it!

The “I want to die, can you help kill me quickly?” burger was too long a name unfortunately. [/marketing team]

  • I would eat it
  • I would not eat it

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I thought you were a bit of a health nut, @Andrew0409

Or at least went to the gym regularly.

This way leads to ruin, my son.

I wouldn’t eat it everyday. But I would give it a chance.

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Damn. I’d give it a try.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this. Just wish they made a double version of it too.

Oh, when will this be released in Taiwan?

Why on earth would you do that?

I’ll gobble this one up!

Blame all this on Popeye’s. They have unleased a fast food beast.

In this thread people who put pineapple on pizza think that a donut burger is awful.

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