KFC's Taiwanese menu?

I’m trying this tonight. I’m holding you personally responsible if it isn’t amazing.

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Tried it tonight, I liked it. Great recommendation!

I never liked KFC’s chicken in the States because it’s got a thick breading that’s greasy with instant mashed potatoes. Taiwan has much better choices for fried chicken and the mash you have to cook at home.
Everyone I take here loves the chicken. Cooked fresh without them cutting with scissors while cooking.

South Korea has the best fried chicken I’ve had. I don’t care for the seasoning they use for the fried chicken here in Taiwan (so salty). Also, there’s too much “fried”, too little chicken.

As for KFC, I never ate it in the states, but it’s funny what you get nostalgic for when living overseas. What I wouldn’t do for a Wendy’s Double Combo w/ cheese…


Japan has Wendy’s . I went crazy when I saw a Wendy’s after so many years without it in Tokyo last month

Taiwanese Wendy’s closed in 1997. Very sad.

Proof of Taiwanese Wendy’s here on the Practical Audio Visual Chinese video notes.

You know it’s Taiwan because there are scooters outside

Why did they close?

I don’t know. I guess Taiwanese just didn’t have a taste for it back then. I was just a youngster in Canada at the time.

I know they had Wendy’s in Taiwan back then. I remember seeing them when I was little. I just had no idea why they weren’t around anymore. Pizza Hut had come to Taiwan as well and I remember not liking it.

Wendy’s has had bad luck in a lot of places. They also failed in Australia.

I think the time is ripe to bring Wendy’s back to Taiwan. Tastes are different now and people are more open minded. I just can’t afford the astronomical franchise fee.

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The two places I miss are Wendy’s and Taco Bell. (Okay, and a bunch others, but I’d certainly rather have one of those over KFC). I feel like Taco Bell would do well here, especially since they’re owned by the same company as KFC.

KFC does have this Taco Bell-reminiscent grilled tortilla wrap with salsa and Doritos that I like to order. I recommend it!

I am going in December, which shop should I try?

OPPA DAK (translation: Big Brother Chicken) was my favorite.

TwoTwo Fried Chicken is also good too.


I guess I should mention I am going to Busan

It’s a chain. I believe they’re in Busan.

You must go to the Jagalchi fish market in Busan, but I’m sure you’re already aware of that.


Hard pass! I hate fish, but my mother loves it so I will tell her to go there lol.

I hadn’t been to KFC in years because I prefer original recipe, but I went with your recommendation tonight. My impression…

That citrus-spicy sauce is delicious! I’m a grapefruit and pomelo fan, so that drink hit the spot in this hot weather. Thanks @Rocket for the recommendation.

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hows the price of fried chicken in korea? i’ve had it a couple of times here and it was great but pretty expensive.

taiwanese fried chicken is pretty great too, they fry everything in those shops and must give it some sort of MSG crack seasoning cus its addictive as hell.

The chicken at a good Thai restaurant is similar but better, but the grapefruit seltzer is amazing.

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