Kickboxing At C.K.S. Memorial UPDATED!

Former kickboxing champion is putting together 3 x free training sessions a week (Tuesday at 8-10pm, Thursday at 8-10pm and Saturdays at 12-2pm). Location: C. K. S. Memorial Hall.

Objective is to build stamina, develop technique (balance and control over body) and to tone + build all muscle groups. This class is great for staying fit!!
All levels are welcome to join the training whether your interests lie in actual fighting, muscle building or weight loss. Team will be divided into groups according to level of ambition. Kickboxing is about making new friendships and achieving goals together!
Bring running shoes and lots of energy to C.K.S Memorial Hall Main Entrance 10 minutes before class is due (The actual monument entrance from Roservelt Rd.!!!). Find MAPs, all required info, credentials, comments and pictures at and feel free to call Anders at 0916577853.

UPDATED: After only one month in existence the Kick Boxing Club has grown to 35 members divided in two teams (Advanced and Beginner). Word of mouth seems to spread like wildfire, meaning we must have good a good workout offering(?)…
In fear of losing the intimate sphere of the workouts we have chosen to limit new members to the club. Therefore you should secure one of the spots still available before it’s too late. New teams will not be opened for awhile after this. Checkout The website for info… - Hope to see you soon… Regards Anders (Master)

I’ve been to two of the workouts so far, and I can honestly say it’s the most fun but painful workout I have ever had in my life.

I’ll be there come tuesday…

I’m not too sure about the “reserving a spot” thing since I just turned up. Is there some kind of more formal application process?

(BTW, isn’t the main entrance on Chungshan South road (中山南路) rather than Roosevelt?)