Kicking off our Thailand tour

Abandoned Machines and Auto Da Fe are heading to Thailand to play some shows there. We’re playing our last gig before we leave this Saturday at VU with hardcore metalheads Nevermore. Come say good bye! (we’ll be back in ten days.)

I’ll post the address later.

Here’s the address:

Wu Chang St sec 2, 77 B1 Taipei, Taiwan

Starts around ten.

Where are you playing in Thailand?

Saturday, August 16th at The Cave on Kharson Rd.

Unfortunately I only have the address in Thai and not English. Trying to get that sorted out now actually. Seven bands… Starts two in the afternoon. Hopefully another show will be added for Friday and Sunday.

What are you playing these days? I forgot. If you got any blues you should trolley on over to Pra Arthit and the coolest little blues bar you ever did set eyes upon.
Maybe Huang Guang Chen will chime in with the address because I forgot that, too.

The Cave Khaosan Road, I presume.

Number 37 on the map. Doh! That map aint showing.

As Sandy mentioned, there’s a great little blues bar not far from Khaosan.

Here’s the addy and a review. It’s quite small (narrow) and easy to miss, but I;m sure Khun Pong will show you a good time. He’s the qwoner and a very well respected old hand to many of the musos in that area and indeed Bangkok.

Ad Here the 13th (actually, I think last time I went it was called “Blues Bar”)
13 Samsen Road, Banglamphu
Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200
Tel 09 769 4613

Break legs!


The Cave’s on Kaohsan? You could practically spit at the blues bar from there. 15-minute walk, tops.

Bummer, we won’t be there until Monday night.

Wow, thank you so much for posting that Huang Guang! That list of venues is exactly what I need right now.

Auto Da Fe might be able to get away playing a blues bar but I’m not sure about Abandoned Machines. The music isn’t as obnoxious to most people like The Deported was, but it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea. We’ll check out the bar anyway, as my goal on this trip is to contact a bunch of musicians and pubs so it’s easier to book there in the future.

Thanks again!

It was Sandy’s call. By the way, there is something of a Taipei connection with that blues bar. if you’re lucky, they may even be playing the Muddys when you arrive.


What’s the connection? And, you’re right. Thanks to both of you.

Muddy Basins. They have a CD delivered by our own Sandman, and there was talk about the blues crew coming to Taiwan for some gig or another. The Muddy’s harmonica player has also played there several times.