Kid storybook

Hi everyone,

I was overconfident to believe that Pageone bookstore would cary any disney book that I would need, but was surprised to find that this book does not appear to exist there.

I am looking for a Walt disney version storybook of “Alice in wonderland”, with hopefully many colorful pictures. If anyone might know where I could find this book in Taipei city, I would greatly appreciate some advice. thanks.


Have you checked the childrens’ Eslite bookstore, in the basement beneath the regular Eslite on Tunha, near Renai Circle? It’s pretty good. Kingstone books also has a fair childrens’ book selection (at least the one on Minshen E Rd., near KuangFu N. Rd. does). And, if all else fails, certainly will have it. Perhaps none of them will have the disney version, but maybe they’ll have a better version.