Kidd to coach in Brooklyn - may he resurrect NY sports #HelloJKidd

At last! Something to look forward to in sports in New York: Why Jason Kidd for the Brooklyn Nets?

With clowns like Melo and A-rod taking the fun out of my beloved teams (doubly criminal because they have somehow overshadowed guys like Jeter, Shump, Woodson), and the Jets and Mets continuing to be, well, the circuses they have always been, the return of Jason Kidd to the Nets feels simply wonderful. And, at least, we have the summer of hopeful anticipation to enjoy it.

Dear Jason,

May you make NY basketball fun to watch again - like it was for 26 games in early 2012 (interestingly beginning with a Nets game).


I wouldn’t get your hopes up, Melo is still the best player in NY and the Nets have their hands tied salary wise with respect to improving their very mediocre lineup. Unless the Russian wants to spend ridiculous luxury tax fees to add more talent they will continue to wallow in mediocrity, which in the NBA is the worst place to be.

Kidd might be a good coach, but he could bomb too, past superstar PG coaches like Magic and Isiah were horrific. Its great PR, gets the fanbase excited (case in point) but the Nets don’t really have a fanbase like the Knicks, who are still everyone in NY’s team.

I cannot disagree with anything you’ve said. Plus, Kidd has a lot of personal baggage (that could still blow up – ex. resolution of last year’s DUI in the Hamptons is pending) - so who knows…

A long-time Forumosan reminded me that I grew up a (Thurmon Munson) Yankee fan in Manhattan, which made me think about why I’ve been so down on NY sports the past few years. When I was in college, I was a fan of the Yanks during the Mattingly years and I have no shame in saying that I got caught up with the Mets during their run (I remember ducking out of Chemistry 101 to check the game score in the pizza place across the street on Waverly and University Place) and I was happy to listen to Art Rust Jr and the beginnings of WFAN (it was so bad back then it was great). Today? Except for class acts like Jeter and Mariano, what do we have? Sure, Linsanity was fun while it lasted, but guys like Melo and A-Rod take the fun out of it for me.

I’m glad that the Nets are in Brooklyn. I don’t find them very interesting, but at least they are out of the Meadowlands (which I have been to during the Albert King years – sure I paid to get in, but it wasn’t much) and money (or good sense) rarely are issues now (no slam intended on Billy King). And I plan to enjoy that hype around Kidd over the next few months: who his assistant coaches will be, will D-Will drive him out eventually, the non-rivalry with the Garden.

Now, I’m going to fire-up the VPN on my iPhone and listen to WCBS 880 on my commute to Zhonghe from downtown Taipei. “This is Goose Egg from Taipei and I’ll take my answer off the air. Goodnight Edna”

Thanks to Jason Kidd for helping the big German win a title in Dallas (or was it the other way round?). That playoff run was the best time I had following the NBA and Dirk for like the last 15 years. I don’t see a problem with his basketball IQ which is up there with the best, but he has always been a quiet leader, don’t know if he will be able to yell if needed. He’s friends with D-Will, but let’s see what happens when they start losing and Deron doesn’t agree with coach.