Kidergarten discipline- Florida style

[quote]Police use stun gun on 6-year-old

Miami, FL, Nov. 12 (UPI) – Police say a 6-year-old Florida boy wasn’t hurt when they shocked him with a 50,000-volt taser to keep him from cutting himself with a piece of glass…
“It just sounds excessive to me to taser gun a 6-year-old when everyone else around there were adults. They couldn’t subdue a 6-year-old? Must have been a pretty big kid,” said retired Broward County Juvenile Judge Frank Orlando.[/quote] … -3329r.htm

[quote]Posted on Fri, Mar. 18, 2005

St. Petersburg 5-year-old cuffed after school outburst

Associated Press

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A 5-year-old girl was arrested, cuffed and put in back of a police cruiser after an outburst at school where she threw books and boxes, kicked a teacher in the shins, smashed a candy dish, hit an assistant principal in the stomach and drew on the walls.

The students were counting jelly beans as part of a math exercise at Fairmount Park Elementary School when the little girl began acting silly. That’s when her teacher took away her jelly beans, outraging the child.

Minutes later, the 40-pound girl was in the back of a police cruiser, under arrest for battery. Her hands were bound with plastic ties, her ankles in handcuffs.

“I don’t want to go to jail,” she said moments after her arrest Monday.[/quote] … 171266.htm

Hey, they used to say ‘don’t mess with Texas’- Florida leads the way.

I, for one, having taught kindergarten for a dozen years now, would be totally in favour of introducing these progressive methods to Taiwan.

Dennis, in Elephant Class, Tuesdays and Thursdays: you have been given fair warning.

I think this is completely outrageous! I have met some pretty aggressive children and have had to physically remove them from a classroom, picking them up and carrying them out. But using a taser?? :fume:

Why not just knee the kid in the solar plexus? It works for dogs that jump on people. Hell, why not just punch him in the head. That’ll calm him down. :loco:

Now, I’m sure the teachers there would say, “You weren’t here and you didn’t see this kid, hyped up on goofballs, so you can’t understand.”

But, unless this kid is part pit bull, I find no reason to asault him in this way. Hello therapy.

I could see maybe using a police car, but a taser? Why not just use tranquilizer darts next time? :unamused: I have had to do a football hold on a violent child to get them out of a situation before it escalated and a bear hug to prevent the same child from physically harming me, both of which would have gotten in major trouble had I been in an American classroom. It’s nice to see that teachers are finally taking control of disruptive kids, though. Children are literally given free license to walk all over teachers and administrators there and anything done to discipline them is a potential lawsuit waiting to happen. I know the only time discipline worked for me as a kid was when I was a first-grader in Pinellas County, Florida. Of course, the principal said she wasn’t going to use her paddle on me because my mother said she’d take care of me when I got home. I actually would have preferred the principal doing it.