Kids Career Day: "Strippers can earn $250,000 a year!"

I thought this article would be of particular interest to our community, given the 11% of forumosans who are professional lap dancers

Bump, grind your way to riches, students told

Students at a Palo Alto middle school learned more than school officials ever expected when a recent “career day” speaker extolled the merits of stripping and expounded on the financial benefits of a larger bust.

According to Fried and students who attended the talk, Fried told one group of about 16 students that strippers can earn as much as $250,000 a year and that a larger bust – whether natural or augmented – has a direct relationship to a dancer’s salary.

He told the students, “For every two inches up there, it’s another $50, 000,” according to Jason Garcia, 14. [/quote]

Taipei Times will probably run this in their “Youth Section.”

Well, Courtney Love was certainly able to improve herself after working as a stripper in Taiwan.

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Actually I believe the speaker to be incorrect. He said strippers can earn up to $250,000 a year. In fact, they are, in general, going to earn much less than this. If I was to say that artists can make up to $1 million a year, it wouldn’t be representative of artists in general, who are more likely to be starving artists than Andy Warhols.

[quote]At downtown’s dark and dingy Lusty Lady, for instance, where customers pay 25 cents for 20 seconds of peeping glory, gals earn an hourly wage of anywhere from $14 to $20. As most work about 16 hours per week, this calculates out to an annual salary of $11,000 to $17,000. North on First Avenue, inside the slightly more upscale D

Wow. That’s something to aspire to.

“Honey, you would make a great stripper one day. For your 16th birthday, how about a nice pair of Double Ds?”

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