Kids songs

Ever have a kid’s song from your school stuck in your head…for the entire week?


[quote=“ILoveItHereButIDoMissSnow”]Ever have a kid’s song from your school stuck in your head…for the entire week?


hell yeah!

I remember being stuck in traffic in jakarta (travelling at around 100m per hour) and I couldnt get the A A A A what says A kindie song outta my head… slowly changing the lyrics

A A A A what says A
A A Ant, A A Apple
A A Arsehole A A
A A - Ahhh

B B B B what says B
B B Balls B B Bitches
B B Bullshit B B Bollocks
B B B Butts!!!

C C C C what says C
C C Cocksucker C C C%*&$!!!

Absolutely, especially around pageant time. I usually go home and blast my catchiest real song over and over just to get the kid song out of my head. Also outside of pageant rehersal time I ban singing whatever song in class by the kids.

It was one thing when it happened in America. But songs written for ESL students are that much worse.

Actually, if you REALLY want to know the worse thing along these lines…it wasn’t even an ESL Song. Montessori Education is 100 years old now. There was a “Centenial Celebration” our school helped put on and they decided to have our whole school sing “We Are the World.” I had no input into this decision. So all day long, all I kept doing was teaching the song, “We Are the World.”

I wanted to cry, but was too numb.

Ah, the advantage of working for a school that doesn’t teach songs.

Although I used to live opposite an elementary school here that loved to play Jingle Bells and Silent Night repeatedly over the schools PS system in the month leading up to Xmas. There’s nothing like being woken up on a Saturday morning by blaring Xmas songs played on repeat.