Kind Kiwi Needed to Help Transport My Dog

I am looking for a kind New Zealander who is flying to the North Island this summer and would be willing to check my dog in as excess luggage. The quarantine people will collect him and take care of business in NZ then after a monthin the big house my mum will take him home.
I’m leaving Taiwan for 4 months in summer then returning for a brief stopover at the end of the year then back to NZ for 2011.
I’ve been in touch with pet shipping services and they’re really expensive- about 38000nt just for flying, then I’m looking at another 55000nt in quarantine and other expenses. If he flies with someone however I would just pay the excess baggage rate.
Alternatively, if anyone would be interested in fostering a sweet medium size dog with some intimacy issues for all or part of 4 months, please let me know.