Kindergarten Graduation Speech....Help

But in Taiwan:

We are little Scholars
Chocolate English Academy
Genius School of English
Young Learners University of English Vocabulary and Grammar
L’ecole de test passe de Anglaise, etc. Pardon my French.

That’s American English for you. Its all “school”. Better get used to it.

( I said “gas” instead of petrol the other day. Had to slap myself. :blush: )

[quote=“ScottSommers”]My wife once asked me about writing a kindergarten graduation speech. I wrote this for her. She didn’t use it.

[quote]Mothers, fathers, colleagues, friends, and students,
We stand here in the twilight of a great time. For more than 200 years, we have lived the greatest moments of all human history. Every man and woman has been born knowing that their life would be better than their parents. Not just could be better, but would be better. There would be more money, more rights, more goodness. Literacy has brought words into every mind. Capitalism has filled our wallets and our homes. Democracy has given us the power to shape our destiny.

But all that has ended. The poets among us say that it ended with the New Millennium on September 11, 2001. This is Sophistry. The roots of our darkness were sown decades ago in the greed and selfishness began even in the 1960’s: The Manson Family and the Weathermen, Michael Milken and his billion dollar bonus, a World Bank and Free Trade disguised as prosperity for all but really a source of protection for the rich.

It is twilight now and soon all around us will be darkness. But I ask you, have you ever stood alone in the wilderness without even a single candle and looked about you? Even in the nightfall, there is so much to see. In the blackness of the darkest night, there are a thousand points of brightness that light up the sky. There is never a time without light, without hope.

I look across this world, across this country - Taiwan - across this room and I see 31 different points of light. I see Steve and I see Mary. I see Robert, Virginia, and Amy. And I know that with their brightness, their talent, the gift that each of their lives has brought to everyone around them; I know there will be hope in the future.[/quote][/quote]

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