Kindergarten laws

So teaching kids under 6 is illegal here as a foreigner without certifications earned in Taiwan, am I getting that right?

I think I finally understand now why my friend’s boss wouldn’t tell my friend his kinder students birthday dates lmao. “We don’t ask” she says.

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That’s what the MOE told me. I asked about overseas acquired early childhood licenses and they said that you can apply for an exemption but it’s unlikely you would be approved. But @Pinoco didn’t have a problem with that and they’re all by the book now at that school, so I guess enforcement is 100% optional.


Seems like a “rooftop apartment” kind of law. On the books technically, but rarely enforced. I really hate legally ambiguous situations like this kind of one, as it creates an atmosphere that attracts corruption.

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In a kindergarten program, definitely yes. Some buxiban classes may be permitted.

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