Kindergarten legality question


Hi everyone,

So I am aware that it is illegal to teach kindergarten and that if caught you can get fined/deported and the school can get fined.

However, a school I interviewed at today specifically told me not to teach kindergarten anywhere as if I am caught THEY will get fined because they will have sponsored my visa.

So essentially they are saying that they can get fined even if I am not caught teaching at their school but just ANY school.

I don’t necessarily plan on teaching kindergarten, but I’m wondering how accurate this is? Can you really get fined by the government if your employee on their own volition outside of school hours decides to break the law at another school?


It’s to do with the employer’s address. If the school hires you then they are your sponsor. A kindy is unable to sponsor you - in most cases. Therefore, if you get busted working at a kindy the school will get fined as it will be assumed they are the cover address for your kindy work.


So its assumed the legal job is essentially ‘in on it’ with the illegal kindy? That seems so bizarre that a school can hire an employee legally and still get fined if their employee breaks the law on their own free time.


It’s SOP for kindies to have a separate address as a buxiban or anxiban that they run their teachers’ ARCs through.

It’s similar to the rule preventing teachers applying for a work-based ARC from doing demos. If it was allowed then it would be the goto excuse.