Kindergartens without naptime

Does anyone know a kindergarten in the Neihu, Donghu, Nangkang, Xizhi area that does NOT have naptime?

My daughter doesn’t get sleepy before 10 in the evening, and I think it’s because she has a solid 1.5 hr nap in her kindergarten. I’d much prefer a kindergarten without a naptime so that she could go to sleep around 8 to 9. Also have to wake her up in the morning since she goes to sleep so late. Need to fix this sleeping rhythm problem. :s

We are having the same problem with my son going to bed around 10 and then having trouble getting up in the morning. I personally think naptime in the afternoon is good, the more sleep kids get the better, good sleep promotes more sleep. How is your nigh time routine? I find this needs to be consistent. People naturally fall asleep 30 minutes later every night so you need to actively push the time back each night.

I dont like forcing kids to get up in the morning, but it may help to make her more tired at the end of the day.

The night time routine is pretty solid, but she simply isn’t sleepy at night after that nap in kindy. On Saturdays and Sundays when she doesn’t have naptime she can easily go to sleep around 20:30~21:00 and wakes up by herself the day after in a really great mood after sleeping a full 10~11 hours. Tuesday to Friday morning she needs to be woken and is always really grumpy. It just delays the whole morning routine.

To answer your question, I don’t know a school that does not have a nap time. My company also has a 1 1/4 hour lunch break where everyone sleeps. I use the time to go running. On the weekends I often take a lunchtime nap with the kids and that also makes it hard for me to get to sleep on saturday and sunday night. I really think routine is the key, one option is to try and keep the nap on weekends. “if you cant beat them join them”

It is normal in Taiwan for kids to go to sleep late, in Australia kids would be in bed by 6 or 7pm which gives mum and dad some personal time (or houswork time).