Kindies and Nursery schools combine under MOE … 2003260119

Now I am going to bet that there will be a serious crackdown on English in Kindergartens and Nursery schools. All the “offenders” are now under one body, and that just happens to be a government body that would love to rake in some money in fines and catch some “illegal” teachers.

The summer time is always a hot time, not just for weather, but there is usually a crackdown during July and August. This year, I think, and I hope not, we are looking at something bigger.

I don’t get this quote though… where I live, both type of schools operate all day. OR are we talking about an An Ching Ban??? Somehow I doubt it.

What the heck kind of journalism is this “so-called” … I thought the papers were supposed to be objective. I don’t like their tone.

I agree with the people having the right to go to additional places of education. The MOE should respect this right. However, there are too many rip-off artists pretending to offer education.