Kindy books-Phonics, Reading and Classbook

A local friend would like to know which books would be the best for Kindy for the following areas:

-Chungban phonics, aiming to introduce 5-10 words (with pictures) per letter a-z. No writing required to be done in the book, just clear pictures with words.
-Chungban and Daban, vocabulary books-showing different topics with 500 to 1000 pictures/words, clear and attractive.

-Chungban 3 letter short vowel phonics reading book series
-Daban simple reading book series.

Chungban to Daban, basic classbook-something like Hats On, but better. My friend says that the book is deficient in several areas. It has a very good workbook, however.

Please provide names of suitable books, and if possible where they could be found-which shop, and where.

Thanks for your help.

There are children’s English dictionaries in most bookstores, some for children who don’t know any words at all to get one word for each letter, plus all of their numbers, days of the week, months of the year, etc. I gave my copy away, but there is one out there.

Thanks but we’re looking for something more comprehensive than that… Any further advice from others? cheers

An honest and comprehensive reply is that workbooks are useless at that age. The only purpose they serve is to show the parents “Look! We did these pages.” The best thing to do is find workbooks that are easy to do, spend only the small amount of required time to fill them out, and focus the rest of the time actually teaching English.

No. Not being sarcastic (I wonder if that question might come up).

I broadly agree with the tenet of your reply, although the curriculum can be fine tuned to specifically target the kids abilities as they develop. Hence your answer, while honest, is not at all comprehensive. The focus at the earliest stage should be natural conversation, correct phonics through listening and songs, motor skills, cognitive development, and extensive vocabulary acquisition. This is something that most series of books don’t do well.

For example, the Hats On book-while it is a nice compromise for a school-and has a decent workbook, is severely limited. The 3B book would not go deep enough on a subject, instead wandering over other things. Good for a teacher to use to teach general classes, but not enough repetition. Furthermore, that same book has complicated sentence reading (which is fine for the 3B level), mixed with letter writing-A, B, C (which should have been comprehensively done at 2B level-3B level should be about writing 3-4 sentence mini stories.

For Phonics readers, I really like Scholastic’s choices. Your friend could go to Bookman’s bookstore and take a look/chat to the staff and pick up one of the beginning phonics reader series. If she gets a takehome book set, she can also photocopy a copy for each child to take home after they kids have read it at school. There is also a lot of supporting material on the Scholastic website for free.

-Chungban phonics, aiming to introduce 5-10 words (with pictures) per letter a-z. No writing required to be done in the book, just clear pictures with words.

If the kids don’t have to take it home, a set of alphabet books like the scholastc A-Z books are great for class use. One picture per page, 10 words per letter book. Big enough to use during storytime.