King Charles , do you like him, seems some Canada MP's do not

Interesting story, and proceedures

That’s Quebec and separatist MPs. They always hate the monarchy.

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Quebec is one of the parts of Canada.

I’m aware of the provinces of my country.

Quebec MPs are largely part of the Bloc Quebecois. They don’t want to be part of Canada and want to form their own country.

They’re separatist MPs, of course they don’t like the monarchy.


Like Alberta:

No, Alberta has some people who want to secede, but no MP or MLA is officially in favour of that.

Very few people relatively want that.

The Bloc Quebecois’ only purpose is to form a new country. That’s the only thing they want.


So does Alberta like the King, or I should ask which ones if any dislike him like Québec? haha, that is what I want to know

Most people outside of Quebec are fairly indifferent to the monarchy. It doesn’t get everyone excited but it’s also not a particular hindrance to daily lives and local politics. Even people who want a republic (outside of Quebec) find this a very low priority compared to other problems we have.

Quebec has a very deep rooted history of antagonism for various reasons from losing wars to the British and being absorbed by the British, to opposition to conscription in the world wars.

But most people just…live their lives and don’t really think much about the monarchy.

I live in Taiwan, I don’t really think about Tsai every day.


Also, being picky, they’re not MPS, they’re MNAs in English, deputies in French. MPs are members of the national Parliament.
Reminds one of de Valera and Ireland. As Marx said, “history repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”


Thanks, nice to know new Canadien terms

And now the Bloc Quebecois has come out against the monarchy (but still has taken the oath, though under protest).

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Its Quebec. Canada’s renegade province.

Renegade? There is a lot of anti-Quebec sentiment in the Anglo media/social media universe. If I were Quebecois, I would vote for the Separatist aligned parties such as Coalition Avenir Québec, just as I would have voted for Danielle Smith in Alberta. Both are good at defending provincial interests from encroaching centralising fed powers.

Previous Liberal governments in Quebec under Charest and Couillard were pretty nasty in their cuts and patronage (not to mention long-standing ties to Quebec’s construction companies :laughing: :laughing:)…decades before McCain-Feingold in the US, there was one jurisdiction in North America committed to clean government to combat fed dirty money (Rene Levesque in Quebec). He was way ahead of his

Do I like him? You mean some people do???

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He’s no doubt a crusty old dick. However, I don’t dislike him. Bear in mind that two thirds of Brits support the Monarchy.

Yes sadly there are a lot of uneducated royalist loving morons in my country. I’m not so sure if the support for Charles would be comparable to the late queen though, he did Diana dirty and people will never forget that.

Two thirds of Brits are royalists.

Yes and believe those numbers of support will Not be as high for Charles (who just started) as they were for the queen, for the reason I just stated… also for another reason, the guy is a bit of a dick.

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If one feels the need to insult an entire group of people, it usually means their argument doesn’t hold very much water.

I’ve got eight degrees :laughing: and I’d like to see the Hapsburgs return to the
throne in Austria and Mexico, the Hohenzollerns to Germany, Romanovs to Russia etc. And the proper Carlist house in Spain.

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